Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Closer Cafe at Mutiara Damansara

Saw some interesting posts about this place so we decided to check it out ourselves after a morning run. The place has a minimalistic design, with mostly black and white interiors. Love their logo and design.

The menu looks impressive, though it's a shame we only came for breakfast. I am sure their lunch menu -- especially for the working crowd around the area will benefit from their food list. I also saw on their Facebook that they have started to serve dinner. 

Meanwhile, the coffee we ordered were all very good. Pancakes were below expectations though. Eggs benedict was nicely presented with the pumpkin slice in the middle... however would have loved it if the pumpkin was warm when they served it.

Overall, would give this place another chance and would choose other food items to go along with their aromatic coffee.

And oh, the best thing of all -- it was extremely easy to park on a weekend morning. They have their own parking slots outside their cafe -- so plus points for that!

Their Black and White Menu
Exterior of Closer Cafe

Lovely coffee 

Pancakes were okay. Nothing special about it from my point of view. Perhaps it's because I am a pancake perfectionist, so maybe it's acceptable for most people. Or maybe the chef was having a bad day?

Eggs Benedict

Cute bottles

Barista work mode on!
Interior of Closer Cafe

Closer Cafe and Espresso Bar
Ground Floor, Menara TSR, 12 Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, PJ

Greyhound Cafe Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

For people who love traveling to Bangkok, they will surely know the fashion cafe called Greyhound. Now, Greyhound Cafe has landed in Malaysia, specifically at Bukit Bintang, the heart of Kuala Lumpur. And fortunately, it is opened by the lovely Chryseis Tan of Berjaya Corp so we were able to get first glimpse of the place before it formally opened.

First up, the ambience, interiors and tableware are beautiful! The attention to detail is very evident from the point you walk into the door. A few favorites: the bar area where they spelled out Greyhound with their tiles, the beautiful black and white interiors, and lastly the plates that have different designs!

It was a nice evening out for me and hubby as we checked out Greyhound. We had nice portions for all our orders, though it may be possible that for Malaysians they may find the portions small. We enjoyed it because it allows us to try more things without overeating.

Out of all the stuff we tried that evening, the things I would re-order for my next visit will surely be: prawn bisque (superb stuff!), coconut shake, complicated noodle, greyhound iced tea, and end the meal with banoffee dessert. I am pretty sure there are many other yummy stuff I haven't discovered about Greyhound Cafe yet, and we're due to revisit again so we can find out! Meantime... some pictures to get you started.

Black and White interiors of Greyhound Cafe

Grey, black and white interiors

With the pretty owner & brain behind Greyhound Cafe Malaysia. Women entrepreneurs - Anabelle & Chryseis 

Super love this coconut shake!
Check out the different designs on the plate

Phad Thai noodles -- love how we were able to remove all the chili flakes, since we don't eat spicy stuff. You get your own sauce condiments, so fire away with all kinds of sauces!

This is super creative. Love the design on the bar counter.

Complicated Noodle, Prawn Bisque and Famous Chicken Wings

Love this dish -- Complicated Noodle -- a bit of work as you build your own noodle wrap

Close up of Complicated Noodle

Dessert people rejoice! Your very own Parfait Station in the house.

This was worth all the calories I gained that night. The banoffee was superb!
Bill for 2 pax at Greyhound Cafe Malaysia

Greyhound Cafe Malaysia
Ansa Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang
(Beside Starbucks, also near Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall) 
Walking distance from Pavilion Shopping Mall KL
Follow their Instagram to find out more updates

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Birthday Celebration at Hubba Hubba Seni Mont Kiara

My helper has been with us for 5 years now and we have been very blessed to find a good one. Today's her birthday and despite the busy and hectic day, I took the kids out together with Yaya (helper in Filipino language) for a quick dinner.

I'm glad we decided to go to Hubba Hubba at Mont Kiara as we ended up with a memorable celebration. 

They surprised her with a birthday cake, plus a printed out photo remembrance. More than what I had in mind... Hence I would recommend this to people who want a fun celebration, who wants easy parking, a place that has alcohol, kid-friendly and nearby Mont Kiara residents. 

Not to be missed, especially those who want a quick meal -- we had pizza which my daughter loved. Sea bass fish fillet which is good quality. And Cantonese fried rice which was decent. 

Virgin mojito were superb too.

Friendly service, good food and decent price. What are you waiting for? 

As of this writing December 2015, they open from 11am to closing (means they wait for customers to leave I guess). 

Hubba Hubba 
Seni Mont Kiara 

Friday, December 04, 2015

Green Juice for all!

The Sun Newspaper features La Juiceria Cold-Pressed Green Juice at 50% off via newspaper ad clipping. 

Malaysians are starting to become healthier as green juices take popularity. The Goodness Greens of La Juiceria is outselling every other flavour. This means people are starting to understand the power of greens. The green juices have more than 70-80% of veggie content while a small amount of fruits , to keep things palatable. 

Enjoy a green juice today and see the difference it can make to your life!

Juice on! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

IDC Ice Cream at Damansara Kim

Ice cream always have a way to getting into people's list, even if that person is on a diet. Well, at least it happened to me.

Perhaps my will is not strong enough at this point in time. Or maybe it's the happy memories it brings from my childhood. Or simply, I have kids and every now and then I want to build that "happy moment" with them over ice cream, just like when I was a kid.

After our maiden meal at The Kitchen Table, which is also at Damansara Kim area, we decided to be adventurous with the kids and brought them to this new ice cream place. For a rainy day, it was buzzing with people, and I even bumped into an old friend.

Our visit was well worth it to IDC Ice Dreams Cafe at Damansara Kim. For those not familiar, as after I lived in KL for 9 years, only now did I hear about this area! It is opposite the highway that faces Damansara Uptown.

It was easy to park at the place and we found our way into their freezing-cold cafe. Seems to be young boys running the place, all friendly and ever ready to explain their best sellers.

We ordered some affogato specialties and coffee. While my little girl had some mint choco chip on a cone. Worthwhile visit and will surely come back again,

IDC Ice Dreams Cafe at Damansara Kim

Ice Cream Display

Worth mentioning and trying : Vanilla Ice Cream topped with olive oil and sea salt

Affogato with chocolate ice cream and coffee infused with orange

Price was reasonable. Ambience is simple and nice. Air-conditioning was TOO cold for an ice cream place. Luckily I was able to request to tone down the A/C when we sat in one area. Easy to park. Vanilla ice cream with olive oil was superb!

Ice Dreams Cafe IDC
    Address: 30, 119 Jalan SS20/10, Jalan SS 20/10, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Caffe Crema Mont Kiara

Happy that we get to have a decent specialty coffee place nearby our place in Mont Kiara. Small and cozy. Serving up serious coffee. Nice interiors. Love the acacia wooden trays. Walking distance from our place. Located beside a salon. It's hidden from the road because it's housed inside Plaza Mont Kiara. 

Worth the visit if you prefer serious speciality coffee vs the usual Starbucks, which is also stone's throw from this place. 

Bonding time with daddy over Babyccino

Specialty Drip Coffee

Hand Brew Coffee
Drip coffee which hubby tried. It was okay, not overly fantastic. Go for the usual latte instead. Or perhaps maybe we are not the right target market for such specialty coffee, though hubby usually likes the black, simple ones.

Cake was well presented.

Love the wooden plates. 

Love their branding and the thought process that went into how they serve their coffee.

Babyccino for the little one

Wooden interiors 

For 2 cups and a cake. Paid separately for the babyccino.

Cafe Crema at Plaza Mont Kiara (near Subway)
Caffe Crema
    Address: E01-02, Plaza Mont Kiara, Block E, 2 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Price Increase in Malaysia: Cost Of Living Going Up

This December 2015 marks our 9th year living in Kuala Lumpur. We proudly call it our home and we have had so many beautiful memories and wonderful stories of our stay. We still call it our home and we hope to have many more wonderful years in this warm, friendly country.

Things have been smooth-sailing for many years. However we can see the winds of change blowing strongly.

The past few months have been turbulent, mainly with the government issues and scandals, currency devaluation and GST implementations in 2015. And one eye-opening shocker for a housewife-mother-of-two (yes, that is my official title when I'm not at the office), happened on November 15 , 2015 Sunday. I jumped down for a quick grocery trip to One Mont Kiara Mall, my usual place, to quickly grab packets of cheese and got a shock of how prices have sky-rocketed!

I always bought Kraft cheese (shredded) for the kids -- easy to mix with pasta and other cheese-related dishes. I remember clearly how it used to be rm14 per packet not so long ago. Then jumped to rm17-ish for some time. Today, when I saw the whopping rm23.55 per packet I was really awakened to the fact that cost of living has indeed gone so high up.

Add to that fact, the toll fees have gone up, electricity also has gone up. Housing loan interest rates are going up. 

I hope that some stability will happen soon. Praying. Hoping. Waiting. Meantime... I grabbed another cheese brand and left KRAFT alone for today. The price is just heart-stopping. Perhaps I need some time to digest the fact that the prices are here to stay due to all the issues ongoing.

RM23.55 now for a packet of shredded cheese. Not so long ago it was around RM14-17 price range.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

A Pie Thing

Hubby has always been a fan of PIES. We have always tested pies from different places. Sometimes disappointed, other times happy but never "WOW".  Some places that serve pies (from what I remember over the years -- Dome Cafe and Alexis).

I've heard about "A Pie Thing" for a while now but never went in to check it out. Until recently when the stars aligned, I decided to give it a try. One rainy Friday night, I went over to satisfy my curiosity.

Since we tried it that one fine evening, we have been back several times to take away pies for our meals at home. Their take-away boxes are cute and well-designed. I like how they did the branding.

Worth mentioning are the Lamb Pies -- the best in town. Other flavours are yum too, though nothing tops the lamb pie.

We have tried several-- from vegetarian to chicken cheese. Hubby tried the beef, too. 

Service is friendly. Place is minimalist cool--and menu is simple to understand.

Love the gravy. Being someone from the Philippines, we love our gravy. And I wish they would give more -- to people like me haha. In fairness I never tried to ask for extra gravy. Perhaps next round I will! 

Sneak peek into my take-away bag 

The yummy inside of my Lamb Pie

View from my seat on that first visit

How it looks when you do the take-away. I opted for the mash potato and peas on top. Gravy separated in another take-away container so you can pour it.

A Pie Thing at Uptown Damansara Utama 
A Pie Thing
128G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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