Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back in Manila

A few days back in my home -- Manila, was a good break, and it still is ... we won't be flying out until next week. I was away just for a few months (left Manila officially OCT 15) to go prep for my wedding stuff in was weeks and weeks of preparation, happiness, visitiors and pure bliss! Last November was busy being a housewife in Singapore, honeymoon in Indo, a short visit to KL, and arrived in sunny Manila just before the Xmas month. So being back home was actually my vacation from all that!

My visit to Fort surprised me as I walked down the newly developed commercial area around Serendra. We stopped by A Different Bookstore, had some donuts at Krispy Kreme and surveyed the other establishments. I'm sure that area will be a big hit when it is completed. Another new hang-out place. Well I guess that's a new thing in Manila, but what's still the same: the bad roads and traffic in EDSA. As I was driving around, I couldn't help but think why our government can't "spend wisely" and dedicate resources to improve road infrastucture. Why can't we have wide roads like Singapore and KL, where cars won't have damaged suspensions after a few years of city driving. How I wish that will improve as our currency is improving against the dollar. Maybe there is hope?

Talking about the economy, it seems that the tourism / hotel industry is doing quite well, namely Edsa Shangri-la and Makati Shangri-la Hotel. Me and my hubby stayed in Edsa Shang a few days before spending a few days in my house, and the hotel was F-U-L-L-Y booked! The breakfast buffets were packed. December is really a good month of hotel stays I guess. We almost didn't get bookings for our next stay, which is Makati Shangri-la. We wanted a change of area for this week, and it's also my chance to catch up with some old friends who are in Makati. It's nice to be back in Makati, I kind of miss it. I used to drive to Makati every single day (for my past job). As we check in later today, I'll get the chance to ring up (and SMS) some of my good friends, schedule lunch get-togethers and "coffee chats" to catch up.

It's good to be home.

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