Thursday, March 22, 2007

What's Keeping Me Busy in KL

Malaysia is such a big country, which is a bonus for us moving to KL. In my own definition, it is a combination of Manila and Singapore. As a housewife (until I find a job!), I have been trying to keep myself busy (or else I will miss my family and Manila life).

I enrolled myself in YogaZone, which is one of the "most happening" places in KL. To my surprise, I really enjoyed my yoga lessons and I'm wondering if I can keep up the pace once I start working.

On the topic of working, it's quite challenging to find a GREAT JOB here in Malaysia. Not because it is not available. But because I am on a dependant pass, meaning I can live here but I cannot work here. Once I find a company to work for, they will be processing my work permit. Which means I give up my dependant pass and have a new work permit on my passport. It's difficult ... but not impossible. Hopefully in the months to come I will be able to find the perfect job.

Meanwhile, I am already driving on the "right" side. Yes, it is quite different from Manila and France, where people drive on the left side. So with my new-found driving skills, I went on mall adventures. My favorites are 1 Utama and the Curve. I live in Damansara area, and actually very close to Ikea. This is a nice place to live with quiet surroundings & fresh air. But of course, it's at least 30-minutes drive to KL center.

Just last weekend, me and hubby drove to Cameron Highlands. It's a cool place up the mountains, where you will find lots of goodies to buy (like flowers, strawberries, honey, corn, etc). They have interesting restaurants (serving scones + tea, steamboat a.k.a shabu-shabu). I was able to buy pure honey, which has a lot of health benefit. Kinda hard to find good quality honey if you just go to supermarkets you will get so-so quality ones. The tea plantation was one of the highlights of the trip. The view was awesome at the Boh Tea Plantation (check out pic)! And we got an insider look at how tea is made. Definitely a must-go when in Malaysia. You will need at least 2 days (1 overnight) to fully enjoy Cameron.

Last Chinese New Year (CNY), we drove up to Malacca. It was a shorter drive, like 2-2.5 hours only. One thing i learned is NEVER to go back there again during CNY because everything was closed! People were off to their holidays, so it's literally like a "dead" town. Such a shame, it would have been a memorable visit. We stayed at the Equatorial Hotel. Nicely located and probably the most expensive in that area (but sad to say a bit run-down for the price!).

Food is a big thing here in Malaysia. I must say there's wide variety. You will never run out of options. They have quite a selection -- great French food (i have yet to try that La Bouchon which is highly recommended), a very happening Spanish Restaurant called La Bodega (the food is great but a bit pricey, yummy pancakes at Paddington House of Pancakes, affordable tasty chicken at Nando's, rice meals & cakes at Secret Recipe, and so much more!

So far, it's a great place to stay and I am happy to call it home. Until next time...

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