Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday and Indian Food

It was a warm Easter day here in Malaysia, as Catholics flocked to churches to hear mass. Naturally, being a Manila-born Catholic, it is a must to attend mass on this special day. Me and hubby attended for the 1st time at the St. Francis Xavier Church at PJ (Petaling Jaya). It was a nice, big church with lots of Chinese-Malaysians. In the past few months' stay in Malaysia, I discovered that it's harder to find a Catholic church than to find a golf course. I guess growing up in Manila, I knew where the churches are, or simply there was an abundance of them in the Philippines (being a Catholic country).

After mass, we drove to a nearby Indian restaurant at Jalan Chantek. It's
called Raju
Restaurant. It's a rustic place with many trees and outdoor tables. The waiters are all attentive (but of course the Indian way). It's quite different from all the restaurants I usually frequent (like in malls, with air-conditioning and tiled floors). It seems that this restaurant is popular among the locals, as it is hidden away from the main street, yet there were many customers! Some came in their BMW's and you find many well dressed ladies in the house.

Back in Manila, the only time I tasted Roti Canai was when Banana Leaf Restaurant opened (around year 2003 - from my memory). It became one of my favorite dishes, but can only be found in one restaurant. To my delight, Roti Canai is everywhere in Malaysia -- from small food
stalls to big Indian restaurants. You can even get it at fast food stalls in KLCC. That's probably one of the upside of Malaysia -- the variety of food is wow!

Now back to Raju Restaurant. We ordered 3x Roti Canai, which were tasty. They served 3 kinds of curry sauce and let you get as much sauce as you want! We also tried the fried
chicken, which was cooked differently from the usual fried chicken definition I
had in mind. Of course, the whole "indian experience" will not be complete without eating from a leaf & using our hands to pick up the food. They had a washing counter in place, so you don't have to worry about cleaning you hands before and after meal. For drinks, the
ice lemon tea were freshly brewed so it was good. And we had 2 fresh coconut juice. Our total bill was just RM21.45, which is quite cheap if you are dining for 2 people.

Overall, it was a fun experience sitting under the trees with fresh wind
blowing. A perfect lunch afternoon after an Easter mass.

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