Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Home Alone in KL -- not so bad after all!

It's been a week since hubby went to France, and I discovered that's it's not that bad being home alone. Being alone in KL is quite ok as long as you have a car or carry lots of cash (for taxi). One can go places!

Being alone also allowed me to hook up with new and old friends. Remember I found a new friend just by being at the nail salon? Well, she brought me out to dinner (a girls night out Saturday night). Our delicious dinner was at Vicenzo Ristorante Italiano at One Bangsar. I didn't even know that row of beautiful bungalows which were turned into restaurants existed there at Bangsar! The address is 63H Jalan Ara, Bangsar. Very easy to find. Their telephone number is 03-22871686 in case you want to make reservations.

The ambience was cozy Italian, with great staff and a friendly chef. My friend knew the chef so he actually sat down to chat with us while we had our main course. We had Bruschetta Platter for starters, which consist of 4 different flavors. Good for a trial run so you know which flavor is your fancy. Main course was Grigliata D Agnello (grilled lamb) which was very good! After a sumptuous dinner, we had capuccino and chatted at the terrace area beside the gardens of the restaurant.

The chef shared some recipes (which I will try myself soon), and the conversation drifted to talks of truffles -- the most expensive mushroom in the world! And to my surprise, he brought out a bottle to show us how it ACTUALLY looks like! Plus, he cut pieces of the black truffles to let us try it out! Wow... it was fresh truffles, no spices, no cooking. After we ate our share, there was one piece left, so I asked my friend to take a photo momento of our experience.

Our total bill was at RM 170.00 which included the government tax and service charge.

Bruschetta Platter = RM 18
Spaghetini D'Anatra = RM 39
Grigliata D Agnello = RM57
Sole Frizzante 1000ml = RM18 (sparkling water)
Cappucino x 2= RM16

After a good meal and meeting new friends (staff of the restaurant), we went on a drive around KL. That was around 12 midnight already. KL is definitely a "happening" place at that hour. My nice friend toured me around KL-by-night. And after our drive, we stopped at the Asian Heritage Row, where a lot of restaurants and bars are lined up ... very much alive with expats and locals all around.

We had cocktails at Palacio, which is owned by my friend's friend. We were able to have a good conversation at the outdoor part of the restaurant while enjoying music and fresh air. You can see people passing by -- Chinese, Japanese, young white girls in super short-shorts, and all sorts! There are many of choices around, whether you want local food, or just to grab a drink to do people watching.

After our fun night out, I got home at 3am. Officially, it's my 1st night out in KL. And it was definitely an enjoyable experience. I guess being home alone has its perks after all!

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  1. I've been craving for a nice Italian meal of risotto with asparagus and shrimps... maybe I should check out that restaurant you mentioned :)


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