Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I wonder if anyone is out there?

As I take time to make my entries ... though not everyday, but once in a while, I wonder if anyone is out there reading this at all?

To my delight (today) I received 3 comments, and I am quite happy to know someone is OUT THERE!!!

Well, that made my day... aside from the fact that hubby is flying back tonight! He took the flight from Marseille to Frankfurt. Then Frankfurt to Singapore. Then last flight out from Singapore to KL. I am sure he will be so tired! Especially with the 1-hour travel time from KL airport to our house in Damansara Perdana. In my own experience, even when I took late night flights (and no traffic) it takes at least 1 hour to arrive in the KL airport... such a long way to the airport unlike in Manila or in Singapore. Which kinda makes travelling less appealing when in KL. But if I look at the bright side, so many cheap flights available going to different places ... so that's a good bonus! Will surely try to make time to visit places like beaches in Malaysia or outside (like Bali, etc).

One thing is for sure, no matter where you go, it's hard to beat the fine sands of Boracay and the serenity of Palawan. So I will be carrying my expectations around when I travel and hopefully stumble upon something that can challenge our good beaches in the Philippines.


  1. I find your blog interesting. I am from Manila and my husband is currently considering an assignment in Malaysia. Have you met a lot of Pinoys lately?

  2. Nice to hear from you. Yes, actually a lot of Pinoys over here. I'm glad to have finally met up with some old friends, as well as new ones (Pinoy, Chinese, Muslim, expats). So far, I am starting to really like my life here!

  3. Hi there
    I go to YogaZone too...perhaps we'll bump into each other one of these days ;)
    Happy Yoga-ing!

  4. hi Yin! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, hope to bump into you.. though how will I know that's you?
    Anyway, been really enjoying yoga class and it was nice meeting new people.


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