Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finally -- Back to Work Life!

As you may have noticed I haven't had time to update lately. It's because working in KL has been a bit "hectic" especially during my first 3 weeks.

The driving experience going to work has been okay -- meaning compared to Manila, I would say driving here is more pleasant. I am sure my fellow Pinoy friends who are living here in Malaysia will agree.

After a series of days paying a fortune for my parking fees, my colleagues showed me where to park so that I pay only RM7.00 per day. Wonderful! And I don't even need to cross the street or walk outdoors.

Food is not a problem, especially since I work somewhere near the mall. Food is everywhere! My past 3 weeks experience were a bit erratic... from a cheap meal like RM5.00 which was not bad... all the way to a meal where we had to pay RM107- each person! In fairness, the expensive meal was with wine and fine suckling pig ... so I guess it was worth the experience.

As for adopting to Malaysia -- in the work sense... I find the people here quite nice. Maybe I was lucky to be working with such a good group. Some people have shared their horror stories about working in a new country & environment. Quite scary. I hope that things will be smooth sailing in terms of working with people around here.

Most of the Chinese in Malaysia speak Cantonese and Mandarin. Some can speak fookien. Sometimes I regret not focusing more on my past Mandarin Chinese classes, which I had for more than 10 years back in Manila! Oh well... there is always time to pick up on that.


This year, I wasn't able to get the chance to go back to France for a summer visit. I miss seeing the beautiful flowers and experiencing the nice weather in South of France. For those people who want to visit Europe, I really recommend visiting during the months of JUNE-AUGUST, which to me are the best months.


Indian food is starting to grow on me. I never thought I would say that one day. I seem to enjoy those Roti Canai that they sell (everywhere in Malaysia). Plus the chicken cooked with lots and lots of spices (not spicy). They have a range of interesting dishes that suits my taste (since i cannot stand spicy stuff). With the months of living in Malaysia, my "spicy tolerance" actually has gone up, and from time to time, I try some local mild spicy things (which makes the dish exciting).

All this talk about food makes me remember my favorite restaurants. Me and hubby used to have places which we frequently visit in Manila, Paris, and Singapore. Well, now that we are here, we have discovered some places which we have grown to love.

Dragon-I : this is a nice Chinese restaurant chain which serves very good xiao long bao and la mian noodles. It's always a safe choice for us when we are looking for good food, reasonable price and when we are very hungry! They have a number of branches all over.

Delicious: it is really delicious there! I have been to their 2 branches. One in Bangsar Village and the other in 1 Utama. I simply love their duck confit pasta and lemongrass tea. Their desserts are heavenly! Usually, you will find a queue as this is a popular place. But be ready to spend more than usual. My estimate is roughly RM50- per person every visit.

Shanghai 10 : once again, a place to get your fix of xiao long bao (steamed dumplings with soup inside). I simply love that dish. This restaurant has a branch in Bangsar. Another in Avenue K which is near KLCC.

La Bodega : every expat's favorite! The tapas are great! Especially try the gambas in olive oil and garlic, the lamb cutlets, the goat's cheese with honey. Those are our regular orders, and always served with free bread. You will find it in Bangsar. I know they have other branches, but I tend to stick to the one at the streets of Bangsar where parking is always a challenge.

Paddington House of Pancakes: for your breakfast and pancake cravings. Do not forget to try the dollar pancakes that are served with various fruits. Simply heavenly!

Well that's all for now. Until next time....


  1. Cool, we work around the same area too! Maybe we shld do lunch together some time..heheh...I'll message u on friendster?

  2. hey yin! That is good to know... which company you work for? Yes, do message me at Friendster. Will wait for it.

  3. What's your job in Malaysia? What type of jobs are available there?


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