Saturday, August 04, 2007

Back in KL, Back to Eating!

My July U.S. trip was a memorable one. Walking down the famous Rodeo Drive, seeing Hollywood, and fun rides at Universal Studios in Orlando were some of the highlights. Shopping at the outlets in Los Angeles and Orlando meant finding good deals on stuff from Kenneth Cole, Nine West, Gap, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren and so on!

Food in the U.S. is abundant. And I mean abundant. Everything you order is huge. I guess for my type (Asian, small built, but eats a lot) the usual USA quantity is still too big. Which meant I ended up not finishing most of my orders. When I saw a stall selling drinks and they had a display of their different sizes, I was amazed with their definition of "LARGE". It was H-U-G-E!

Despite the 1.5 weeks in the U.S. and the abundance of food, I didn't really gain too much weight. Possibly because of my hectic schedule : attending the meetings and sessions which the company had set up for us; maybe from all the endless walking in the outlet stores; or simply, because I prefer Asian food and I didn't truly enjoy some of their USA specialities.

The first thing I was craving for when I got back to Kuala Lumpur was rice. I had rice for the next few days after being back home. Then I slowly got back to my usual rhythm, which was rice only every other day for lunch.

Me and hubby visited our favorite mall the weekend after my arrival. To our surprise, they have opened a new restaurant called THE APARTMENT at The Curve. Curious, we quickly tried it. The place was bustling with customers that evening. It has 2 floors plus an outside seating if you want to enjoy fresh air while dining. Ambiance is nice. Price is a bit on the high side. Their drinks list quite interesting (we had the soda which had some peach flavoring, which was quite refreshing). Food was okay. I had the duck while hubby tried the steak. Nothing too fabulous. Service was a bit slow, despite the many waiters walking around the place. I guess I have to cut them some slack, maybe they are still on a soft launch, where they are still adjusting to the pace. The chocolate cake dessert took quite long before it came, but it was worth the wait. It came with Vanilla ice cream, though quantity of ice cream was small. I took some photos of our dinner that evening....

My conclusion is that it's a place worth checking out. But not on my favorite list. The one that still tops the chart for me here in Malaysia would be DELICIOUS at Bangsar or 1 Utama. I simply love their food and dessert!

Other top favorites in this side of town: Dragon-i and Paddington House of Pancakes.

Back to Malaysia means back to good food. And back to more food adventures. Stay tuned!


  1. When I first arrived at Houston a year ago, couldn't sleep the night due to jet lag. So went out to get a bite at Ihop (international house of pancakes) - a 24 hour joint (it was 3 a.m).

    Hungry as hell, I ordered scrambled eggs and fish burger. I got one free pancake also (yea yea, I didn't know the portions were that HUGE). The scrambled eggs was like a pile of nasi kandar. There were not 1 or 2, but 6 pancakes!

    Walking out, I gravitated forward the whole walk to the hotel. My stomach was just gagging to burst.

  2. We were quite disappointed with the food there give how nice the place looks. Wrote about it as well, I was quite surprised that portions were also very tiny.


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