Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Painting, Some Donuts & Clean-up Day

We all work Monday to Friday's. That's how my life was in Manila. And that's how it is also now in KL. So since I was away last weekend (in Kota Kinabalu), the maid didn't get to come and clean our place. She comes to visit on Saturdays to do cleaning. The rates for Filipina part time cleaning are around RM 10-15 per hour. It takes about 5-6 hours for her to clean up my place, which has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a well-sized kitchen. That means my whole Saturday morning is tied up. It was a good time for me to tidy up my stuff too... which were all around the place! I managed to finally clean up the stuff from my luggage (since my U.S. trip), and my overnight bag (from KK trip).

While waiting for her to finish cleaning, I decided to start on another painting. It's still drying now, so I dare not take a photo yet... not sure if it's good enough though. Usually after you paint, leave it a day or two for the colors to settle. You will be surprised how the colors change, quite different from the way it was when you just finished it.

A painting I am quite proud of is the one I recently created, living in Kuala Lumpur. I took inspiration from flowers I have seen... and did an abstract rendition of it. Now, the large painting hangs proudly in our living room. I am sometimes still amazed I did that! Maybe I got lucky.

After a long day locked up at home, me and hubby decided to go out at 9pm. We went to do a quick viewing of the stuff on sale at Ikea. They are open until 11pm, so we had enough time. We didn't see anything interesting, so we walked across the street to the Curve to visit our favorite donut place.

Speaking about donuts, well, in Manila they already have Krispy Kreme. Since Malaysia does not have that popular U.S. donut brand, we are fortunate enough to have Big Apple Donuts! You will find it near Friday's and Eden. As well as beside the newly opened The Apartment (which I gave my quick review in the past blog entries). They have great donuts at good prices... you won't believe their price is even lower than Dunkin' Donuts! The quality is quite good. Something I would settle for which is close to the Krispy Kreme experience. Be sure to try their glazed donut, which to me is the best one. Don't get too tempted with the other flavors (though they do have quite an interesting variety!). Stick to the glazed one, believe me... it's the best choice. I have introduced this donut to a number of friends, and they all loved it. Maybe you should try it too! So far, I think Big Apple Donuts only have one branch. Maybe they'll open one somewhere soon (I hope near my office!)


  1. Hi,

    Is this the same donut you can find in Megamall/The Gardens? I saw that donut store there last year and it tasted sublime! Price was very reasonable. Looking forward to go back there again on July.

    BTW, its fun reading your blogs. It's entertaining and makes us miss home so much.


  2. Big Apple is available at The Curve and I think they have also in Megamall. Right now, they opened Krispy Kreme already in Berjaya Times Square! The donut craze has died down a bit after some time. There are different brands out there fighting for the market share. The good thing is customers have more choices!


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