Friday, October 05, 2007

Hot Yoga & its benefits

When I started practicing yoga at YogaZone, I saw the Hot Yoga option and thought to myself "yukk, it must stink in there and all that heat, eww!"

Well... depending on who stays beside you, the Hot Yoga experience is great after all!

Calling all ladies (and gents) who aim to trim down in all the right places! Well, I have the solution!

Since I started joining Hot Yoga and Slim Hot classes, I noticed that the results came in faster. An added incentive is also the pinkish skin glow you will get after the class. I sweat more at Hot Yoga classes than when I stay 30 minutes at the treadmill. Plus, I get to work out those "flabs" at places where you usually don't reach with basic gym workouts. Overall, it is the best thing they have invented! I am pretty sure with at least 2x a week of Slim Hot for 1 month (and of course proper meal diet), one can turn flabs into muscles in a snap.

Like what they say, never judge until you have tried it. I gave it a try. Maybe you should, too!


  1. hi there, i tried hot yoga and get addicted about it. Still considering whether want to continue as i find that the monthly fee is quite high. where did you attend your hot yoga class in KL?

  2. I used to do hot yoga at YogaZone in Plaza Damas. Unfortunately that company closed down. Now that yoga place is being run by another company and when i looked at the list of teachers, it seems they have maintained the really good yoga instructors. So maybe after my pregnancy I will still go back to that place to practice my yoga.
    Seems like new management has taken over, in case you want to check out more info visit their site


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