Saturday, November 03, 2007

Of Anniversaries and Holidays

Time really flies.

We just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary last October 27. I cannot believe that days passed so quickly. It has been a beautiful journey so far, and plus the experience of moving to Malaysia which made it all the more special.

I started reflecting on our short time in this country. Looking back when we first began (last December 2006), oh my, we were so clueless. I was scared out of my wits to drive on the right side, plus it didn't help with all that foreign-sounding roads names (Sultan Ismail, Jalan this and Jalan that....). I remember getting so lost during our first drive to KLCC. We knew how to get there, because all signs point to KL and KLCC. But there were no signs showing how to get back to Damansara Perdana! ha ha... it didn't seem so funny then, but now when I look back, I end up smiling!

Just less than a year ago, I was clueless where to go and what to do. Now, not only do I know key places, but I was able to visit some beautiful sites, and I also work at the famous Petronas Twin Towers! I have a job, a life, and new friends. Back then, I didn't think about how bright things could become.

Because of my job, I was able to experience new culture and learn new things. And part of that meant being invited to an Open House. This was our very first experience, and it happened to be on our wedding anniversary date. I was torn if I should accept, or should I just leave that day for me and hubby?

I ended up attending with my hubby at the Open House in SS21, which is a beautiful home of the head of our company. It turned out to be a good decision, because me and my hubby were able to experience new dishes! Plus, we were able to meet the family of some of my colleagues.

The beauty of Malaysia's culture lies in its multi-racial status. Here, I learned for the very first time the true meaning (and practice) behind Ramadan. And this coming week, it will be my first Deepavali holiday (I used to get confused about those holidays). We plan to visit another beautiful place in Malaysia this Deepavali. There are so many places yet to be discovered!

Back to my wedding anniversary weekend. So, we had our 1st Open House. Plus our first time to drive to Putrajaya / Cyberjaya. We didn't go to any place in particular, we just drove to see the place. Very quiet and it seemed very deserted! I guess on work week it should look quite lively!

That Sunday, we went to Bukit Tinggi, and found our way to the beautiful Colmar Tropicale. Together with another French family, we drove up from KL, which only took an hour. We arrived in time for lunch at French village. The food was okay, nothing to rave about. Maybe we didn't choose the right place to eat. The place was well maintained, to our surprise. I guess they put to very good use the entrance fees that they collect (RM16- per person) when you drive into Colmar Tropicale. After lunch, we drove to the Japanese garden, which is part of the same group running Colmar. The gardens were beautiful, and we had a good walking exercise. Apart from those, we didn't get to do anything more interesting. Maybe next time we come back, I will arrange for a golf game so that it can be well worth the trip. My advise is for people who are visiting that place, just go for a day trip. I asked opinion of locals and they told me it's not worth staying overnight since it's a short drive anyway.

Overall, our stay in Malaysia has been pleasant. And I look forward to even better days ahead.

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