Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pinoy's Itinerary: 4-day KL Visit

Recently I had the chance to have some Pinoy guests over to visit me in KL. They are Chinese-Filipinos armed with serious shopping plans.

So in that 4-day short visit, I suggested the itinerary, which turned our pretty well! They went home happily and satisfied with the maximized shopping, sight seeing and food tasting in Malaysia!

The group flew into KL through Cebu Pacific. Unfortunately, they experienced a very bad flight delay on their way to Malaysia (from Manila). But still, they were in high spirits when they arrived. Instead on landing at 1am in LCCT (Low Cost Terminal where Cebu Pacific lands), they ended up touching down around 4am.

On their 1st day in Malaysia: The Curve, Ikea, 1 Utama (barely enough time at 1 Utama since we reached there quite late and shops started closing after we had dinner). Pretty good shopping, but nothing major yet....

2nd day : shopping at Suria KLCC, tour at the Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge, and dinner at Pavilion

3rd day: whole day shopping at 1 Utama. Major shopping bags! Then dinner and slight shopping at Sri Hartamas Shopping Center

4th day: a short walk at the park at TTDI, lunch and major shopping at Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens

They flew out that evening (actually the next day but 1am)... so the 4th day meant having dinner at home before they took the cab at 1030pm, to reach airport at 1130pm.

Overall, they had a good stay. It was practically a tightly packed schedule. And they really enjoyed seeing the beautiful decors in the shopping malls.

So should you one day have a Pinoy or any nationality guest with major shopping plans... you can follow that schedule! :)


  1. Wah, serious shopping, Sunway Pyramid also a nice place, should go there! But I think you all don't have time, hehe

  2. Hi there,
    Mango is right, Ever since the new wings is open, Sunway offers a whole day window shopping experience. I find it very exiting to shop in KL especially during "Mega Sale" season. Used to buy lots of Vinci n Nose shoe but sometimes find it's not so comfortable to do window shopping with it. Crocs is good when you want to do a lot of walking n are not so used to high heels.


  3. Penang, nice island! Chinatown was a real experience.
    Nice picture!

  4. 4 days is usually not enough for 1st time pinoys.. which is why i always ask my friends what they want to do first..


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