Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Where to Eat: My Reco to Expats

Malaysia is one of those blessed countries with a vast selection of food. It's a happy place for food lovers... like me!

I am sure that people have different views and criteria for food. Price. Taste. Freshness. Style.

Whatever I state here is merely my own opinion. I feel that there are places where newly-arrived expats must visit. It's based on our experience, our trials (and errors). Feel free to check them out (and maybe comment). This topic popped up today only because a had a good chat about FOOD and WHERE TO EAT with a new colleague of mine who just moved from U.S.

  • Dimsum lovers must try Xiao Long Bao - go to any branch of Dragon-I (The Curve, 1 Utama, etc) Pricing is average. Good recommended place for foreigners who want Chinese food yet affordable.
  • Pasta lovers must try the Duck Confit of Delicious (Bangsar Village 2, 1 Utama)
  • Good salad is hard to find in KL! Must go to Delicious (again)
  • Mouth-watering desserts -- must visit Delicious (yes, again!) By the way, pricing is above average at this place... which explains the good food!
  • For local flavor : Nasi Lemak, Yummy Beef Rendang and the killer dessert Bubur Cha Cha please, please visit Madam Kwan (KLCC, Bangsar, Pavilion) Pricing is above average.
  • A nice get-together for friends to dine and have drinks (all in one place) is La Bodega at Jalan Telawi Bangsar (I cannot count how many times I have been there. It's a great place for 1st impressions to my foreign guests) Definitely the pricing is above average.
  • Yummy pancakes -- I just love, love pancakes & crepes -- do not forget to visit Paddington House of Pancakes at The Curve / 1 Utama / Sri Hartamas Shopping Center
  • Authentic Japanese Food - Raku Zen at Sri Hartamas Shopping Center or KL. You get good quality Japanese with pricing that is above average only (can compare to hotel-quality Jap food, but less pricey than hotels)
  • Really authentic Indian food, dine outdoors under the trees, use your hands to eat on banana leaf! The place is called Raju at Section 5, Petaling Jaya (warning: do not attempt to go there if you just moved to KL recently, I doubt you will know how to drive there!)
  • Bread: to those who are bread lovers like us ... I am sure you will not settle on just buying Gardenia! Some note-worthy bakeries to buy bread from are :
    • The Bakery - owned by French people, located at Sri Hartamas / Ampang. They also serve food at the Sri Hartamas branch (bakery-cafe type of place)
    • Provence Bakery: small, small bakery inside the grocery Citi Super in Sri Hartamas Shopping Center; they have friendly staff, freshly baked bread all the time. Love therir french baguette
    • Sun Moulin: great selection!!! Freshly made too! Even have nicely packed fresh sandwiches; I went to KLCC and 1 Utama branch
I am sure there are still many places we have not discovered. Places we have yet to visit and yet to taste. I will update in the future. But for now, I just wanted to share a few basics which hopefully someone out there might appreciate :)

Bon appetit !!!


  1. you must try Mezza Notte on Heritage Row. The meals are awesome. and the chocolate cake is just heavenly!

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