Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oscars, Fashion Week & Havaianas

I quickly watched Slumdog Millionaire after they concluded the Oscars. My opinion, it was a good movie which really opened my eyes to the poverty & poor life of children. Not just children in India, but I have seen equally sad stories of children in Manila. It also prompted me to look at my own childhood, to realize how lucky I was.

Back to the Oscars. Well, lots of fab gowns & dresses on celebs. Some were quite simple yet elegant (like Angelina Jolie's). Others were not-so-flattering like Jessica Biel's choice.

Speaking of the Oscars, some celebs get fantastic goody-bags which include Havaianas! For 6 consecutive years, Havaianas were included in the much-coveted Oscar Basket which were given to Academy Award nominees!

It also graced the latest 2009 Fashion Week (Feb) where some people were treated to customized Havaianas... even the "Behind the Velvet Rose" lady is into this Brazilian Flip-Flops!

Some of the celebrities who are also into Havaianas are Britney Spears and Hilary Duff...
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