Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cupcake Sunday

A friend of mine mentioned Cupcakes by Wondermilk at Uptown. Hubby and I decided to look for it. It's such a cute place hidden between the shop-lots of damansara uptown. On a sunday afternoon they had good number of customers which surprised me especially as this is not located in a shopping mall. We took 2 cupcakes plus 2 hot drinks. It totalled to rm20.50 for everything. This is considered pricey especially when I compare it to the superb yummy lunch we had at Village where they are famous for their nasi lemak & fried chicken. We spent rm 30 for lunch which was well deserved because of our 1.5 hour trek at FRIM that morning. What a great way to spend Sunday ! And it's not even 3pm yet...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Night Traffic

Heading home now and was stuck in a bad traffic at Jalan Sultan Ismail. Which is usually the case at peak time because people are heading home. Trying to get out from the city center of kuala lumpur.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

coffee tuesdays

To relax a few minutes from the busy day at work, I had my coffee dose at coffee bean in klcc. Receipt attached so that u have an idea how much a cuppa cost around here ill KL.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Beating Monday Blues

The best way to beat the Monday Blues is hit the gym ! I know, I know ... It's very hard especially a long day at the office! I had to push myself, and usually I feel satisfied after the work out. Especially as I get to eat without guilt! Sometimes I think Asian exercise just to be able to eat all that good... No, all that GREAT food! I can't stop thinking about that lunch I had at Le Bouchon last week. The duck confit is really to-die-for and I am not exaggerating. Sigh... Maybe if I'm disciplined enough and hit the gym 3x this week I can treat myself to the famous Fatty Crab which the locals have high regards for. I heard so much about it but have never been there yet.
Meanwhile, let's beat the blues with some endorphines! Work out that butt and extra fat around the belly to make room for more yummy food!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Fun YSL Afternoon with My Pinay Friend

A Pinay friend of mine mentioned she planned to attend the YSL Make-Up Workshop at Robinsons (The Gardens). So I decided to join and see if we will learn a thing or two.

We had to pay RM120 per person to join the session. We attended the Friday session and after a fun-filled day, she and I agree that it was worth it!

In exchange for the RM120, we were able to have a lesson on proper layering of foundation , concealer and alike. Plus I learned how to do the "smokey eye" effect which most models use (especially for a night out clubbing).

On top of that, we got some goodies as door gift (which were great stuff! I especially needed a thick brush because I had a Le Clerc loose powder at home & wanted to try it with a thick brush).

And on top of that we also received RM120 gift check to purchase any YSL item. Me and my friend ended up taking the "radiant touch" highlighter which will lend you that extra glow around the eyes, and can be used to correct / enhance some areas which needs highlighting.

After an afternoon of beauty session, we were hungry and decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at Cova. I enjoyed the fish with mashed potatoes!

A wonderful fun-filled day which was a "good deal" in our opinion!

So in case you are bored with nothing to do, be on a lookout for such things, because it's a fun way to pass the time (if you have it!)

Superb Lunch at Le Bouchon

I hunted for a special place where I can bring hubby for his birthday. I remember keeping this French restaurant on top of my list for a special occasion, so now's the chance!

We made reservations at Le Bouchon (and I informed the waiter ahead that it's hubby's birthday). After our 2.5 hour superb meal, they came with a moist chocolate cake with a small candle & sang "Happy Birthday". Hubby naturally was surprised and he was happy with the restaurant choice for his special day.

He took the RM182++ menu for 1 person (which had a superb selection of 2 appetizers + main course + dessert). While I took ala carte: duck confit with foie gras on a bed of salad & potato (Oh My !!! It was the most yummy and tasty duck confit I have ever tasted!!!!)

Sigh, all I can say it was a gastronomic delight having saved Le Bouchon for a special occassion. Be sure you are ready to splurge if you plan to go there. I guess the minimum spend for 2 person would be from RM300++ above at least.

To contact them for a reservation, you can call +603-21427633
The exact location is 16 Changkat Bukit Bintang (near Jalan Ceylon), Kuala Lumpur

Sigh! I am looking forward to our next celebration so that I can have that Duck Confit with Foie Gras again!

What I Am Reading Now

I'm still many chapters away from finishing this book. The first few chapters gave me a good laugh as I look back at some of the familiar actions the book mentioned. Hubby and his family are from Provence! Life in Provence is simple and beautiful... No wonder so many people want to retire there, so many stories and memories of beautiful Provence ... I have fond memories of the places I visited in Provence and it brings a smile whenever I think of them! Sigh ...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mont Kiara Neighborhood Pics

More pictures to share about the Mont Kiara Neighborhood. Nearby there is a hair salon, dry cleaning shop and super convenient grocery which carries a lot of japanese and great goods which you may need. All this is located at Jalan Kiara 2.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ttdi Park great to bring kids!

I am especially writing this for my Japanese friend Mariko. This beautiful park which is hidden inside ttdi is perfect for families who want to enjoy some outdoor time. While dad goes jogging, mommy and the kids can enjoy playing at the mini stream.. Or run around at the playgrounds. On early mornings (i have been there at 8am) & late afternoons like 5 to 7pm , one will find many locals and expats hanging out there. Other features of the place includes small monkeys which are on the trees and may sometimes be walking around; the small lake which one can view little turtles bobbing their heads up and down! Plus a small waterfall which will entertain the little ones who love water. Lots of trees and fresh air! A must visit place for the family who wants outdoor fun. For map or gps location see here :,101.633659%20%28Bukit%20Kiara%20Kuala%20Lumpur%20Kuala%20Lumpur%20Malaysia%29

Mobile blogging upload from my Nokia E71 ...

Yummy cheap food @ Food Court Pavilion

Took these photos when we ate at The food Court of Pavilion weeks ago. Quite cheap and super yummy. I enjoyed the carrot thing-y. It was our first time to try it. I think the food were Penang specialties if I'm not mistaken ...

Perfect Breakfast at The Bakery

Located at Sri Hartamas, The Bakery is a great place to start your morning on weekends or weekdays. The bread, especially the croissant, is superb. Closest thing to the croissants I've had in France. It's very near the petronas petrol station of sri Hartamas ...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunset at Mont Kiara Neighborhood

Snapped some photos while walking back to my apartment ... Nice neighborhood and had good weather today!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra -- a 'moving' experience!

One of the things I enjoy living in KL is their appreciation for the arts. The Petronas Twin Towers houses the Dewan Filharmonik which allows average citizens to experience the magic of music.

Last night was our 3rd time to attend performances at the beautiful concert hall. Hubby and I have attended several in different countries. Performances were always superb. But last night's performance was different altogether!

It was such an emotional and moving experience for me. They invited Richard Kaufman as the conductor (he's from U.S.A.). And he led the Philharmonic in playing the Award Winning Oscar Movie scores which have left me at awe. The difference of last night's performance were due to his funny and witty introductions / remarks as he introduced the musical scores; Plus, his daughter performed and sang along with the Philharmonic, which was very entertaining.

Overall, if you do live in Kuala Lumpur, you must at least once in your life go and attend the Philharmonic. The tickets are not extremely expensive ... you can get yourself a memorable experience with just RM20!

Sigh ... it was really a superb performance!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mont Kiara Neighborhood

Living in the Mont Kiara neighborhood has its benefits. Apart from being able to walk to the Mont Kiara International school (too bad we dont have kids yet!), there are other things that make it interesting.

Last month when I was down with some cough, fever & flu, I was able to take advantage of the neighborhood doctor called Global Doctors. They are quite professional and there was no super-long queue. Overall, I was satisfied with their service. They have 2 branches now in Mont Kiara. Contact them at +603-6203099.

Another plus is the recently opened Wendy's & Porto Romano. Both are located at Banyan Mont Kiara, which is literally 2-mins walk from my condo. Fantastic for quick bites. Hubby & I just visited Wendy's now ... for a lazy Saturday late-lunch. While walking out, hubby took pics of me with his iPhone!

The neighborhood is quiet, clean, safe to walk, and with nearby useful stores : small grocery which carries a lot of good stuff, a nearby dry-clean shop, & hair salon. This is specific to the street "4 Jalan Kiara 2". Also if one is willing to walk for another 10 minutes, you will have your neighborhood Coffee Bean, Baskin & Robbins ice cream, and other stuff. Plus, with the new Solaris which is 2-minute drive, you have almost everything at your fingertips! Rows of international cuisine restaurants, a huge Cold Storage with good selection.
Hope this helps expats who are evaluating Mont Kiara as their next 'home away from home'.

Maybe in my next entry I will try to post more pictures of the neighborhood.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur if you are expat?

I received several emails from people in different places asking which area is good to stay if they move to Kuala Lumpur. It seems the number of people moving to KL is on the rise (despite the economic downturn phenomenon around the world).

Well, the good news is that the cost of living in KL is quite low compared to European countries. Service is good. Life is great. But you need to know where to stay to avoid a "bad experience". I say this because a number of friends and acquaintances raised their bad experience of break-in! Yes, I mean robbers / thieves going into your house or apartment and ransacking your stuff. The number of incident around people I know or who knows someone else, has been on the rise. I am worried for other people who may not know about this. The news of this came to me starting last NOV 2008 ... and still ongoing until now. A colleague of mine got robbed (while her dad was at home) and this happened just last week = Feb 2009.

Therefore, the place of resident and type of security is VERY important. Don't just go for value for money, or bec you like the interior design. Please check carefully on the kind of security and neighborhood.

The Sunrise properties have always been known for GOOD quality and good security. No wonder so many expats choose to live in their properties. Mostly, the apartments are around the Mont Kiara area. It's also a plus that a number of the international schools are within the area.

Bangsar is also another popular expat area... though I cannot comment much because I have not stayed there. Currently, I am enjoying the beautiful neighborhood of Mont Kiara. No regrets! It's been a year since we moved in... and we love it.

Nearby, you can walk to a Coffee Bean cafe, or some restaurants. There's an every-Thurs flea market at Plaza Mont Kiara where most expats buy their evening dinner take-away for their families. Now, Solaris Mont Kiara is nearby which gives you access to a big Cold Storage grocery. And massage / nail salon places!

Well, no wonder the community of expats is constantly growing here. A lot of Japanese, Korean, European ... I guess they value safety, too.

Depending on the budget, you can get a super new apartment with 2,xxx sq ft area. Or maybe opt for the older apartments which are well maintained. If I am not mistaken, you need to have at least a budget of Malaysian Ringgit (RM) 2,500 or more if you want to stay within this area. Other expats I know are ready to fork out RM 14,000 for rental. So it really depends on your taste or budget.

Bottomline, my only recommendation is check the security. That is the most important especially if your hubby is constantly travelling and you may end up alone in your condo. You need to feel safe!

Hope this helps other expats who plan to move into Malaysia. Until next blog...

My Weekend Outfit

Since the days that I started working in Kuala Lumpur, I find myself enjoying the "super dress down" look on weekends. It's so practical especially with the KL weather. Whether it's off to the swimming pool, taking a short walk to our neighborhood Coffee Bean, or "malling" around 1Utama / The Curve / The Gardens... the ultimate companion is my Havaianas Flip Flops! I have been using Havaianas for many years and really, it truly is the best flip-flops in the world.

Whether it's paired with my weekend shorts, jenas, a mini dress, or even a long dress! It's fab and comfortable. Even my hubby owns 2 pairs now (thanks to me , ha ha). He loves it too!

For readers who may not know what I am talking about, well, Havaianas is quite popular in certain parts of the world. And even Hollywood-ies are also into it! I don't blame them ... it's really the perfect weekend sole-mate!

I've been watching this TV Series called Gossip Girl. I love their fashion style. At first I had reservations about the show... it seemed "kiddie" to me (mostly because I am so far from the old university & school days!) But the tv series has proved itself quite interesting. It entertains me on certain evenings, as I alternate it with other tv series like Heroes, Lost, Damages, 24, Private Practice & Grey's Anatomy.

Anyway enough rambling... just a sneak peek at what Gossip Girls stars are wearing... they love Havaianas too!!!

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