Monday, March 23, 2009

Beating Monday Blues

The best way to beat the Monday Blues is hit the gym ! I know, I know ... It's very hard especially a long day at the office! I had to push myself, and usually I feel satisfied after the work out. Especially as I get to eat without guilt! Sometimes I think Asian exercise just to be able to eat all that good... No, all that GREAT food! I can't stop thinking about that lunch I had at Le Bouchon last week. The duck confit is really to-die-for and I am not exaggerating. Sigh... Maybe if I'm disciplined enough and hit the gym 3x this week I can treat myself to the famous Fatty Crab which the locals have high regards for. I heard so much about it but have never been there yet.
Meanwhile, let's beat the blues with some endorphines! Work out that butt and extra fat around the belly to make room for more yummy food!

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