Sunday, March 15, 2009

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra -- a 'moving' experience!

One of the things I enjoy living in KL is their appreciation for the arts. The Petronas Twin Towers houses the Dewan Filharmonik which allows average citizens to experience the magic of music.

Last night was our 3rd time to attend performances at the beautiful concert hall. Hubby and I have attended several in different countries. Performances were always superb. But last night's performance was different altogether!

It was such an emotional and moving experience for me. They invited Richard Kaufman as the conductor (he's from U.S.A.). And he led the Philharmonic in playing the Award Winning Oscar Movie scores which have left me at awe. The difference of last night's performance were due to his funny and witty introductions / remarks as he introduced the musical scores; Plus, his daughter performed and sang along with the Philharmonic, which was very entertaining.

Overall, if you do live in Kuala Lumpur, you must at least once in your life go and attend the Philharmonic. The tickets are not extremely expensive ... you can get yourself a memorable experience with just RM20!

Sigh ... it was really a superb performance!


  1. i do agree. My fisrt time to experience it , and i will go for more philharmonic concerts and operas, if given a chance.
    And given a free ticket.

    Ambitious me, gusto lagi libre,hihihihih

  2. hi francesca .. salamat sa comment mo. i-add mo naman sarili mo as one of my followers...


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