Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mont Kiara Neighborhood

Living in the Mont Kiara neighborhood has its benefits. Apart from being able to walk to the Mont Kiara International school (too bad we dont have kids yet!), there are other things that make it interesting.

Last month when I was down with some cough, fever & flu, I was able to take advantage of the neighborhood doctor called Global Doctors. They are quite professional and there was no super-long queue. Overall, I was satisfied with their service. They have 2 branches now in Mont Kiara. Contact them at +603-6203099.

Another plus is the recently opened Wendy's & Porto Romano. Both are located at Banyan Mont Kiara, which is literally 2-mins walk from my condo. Fantastic for quick bites. Hubby & I just visited Wendy's now ... for a lazy Saturday late-lunch. While walking out, hubby took pics of me with his iPhone!

The neighborhood is quiet, clean, safe to walk, and with nearby useful stores : small grocery which carries a lot of good stuff, a nearby dry-clean shop, & hair salon. This is specific to the street "4 Jalan Kiara 2". Also if one is willing to walk for another 10 minutes, you will have your neighborhood Coffee Bean, Baskin & Robbins ice cream, and other stuff. Plus, with the new Solaris which is 2-minute drive, you have almost everything at your fingertips! Rows of international cuisine restaurants, a huge Cold Storage with good selection.
Hope this helps expats who are evaluating Mont Kiara as their next 'home away from home'.

Maybe in my next entry I will try to post more pictures of the neighborhood.


  1. Hi, what are good places to stay within walking distance to Mont Kiara International School? Thanks.

  2. Places that are 2-3 mins walking distance from MK International School would be (my opinion which are nice places):

    1. AMAN
    2. DAMAI
    3. BANYAN

    These 3 are fairly new places which are beautiful resort-condo concept. If budget is tight, there are older condos around like:

    1. BAYU
    3. ASTANA

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks! Would you know if any of those condos allow pets? We have a small 12 lb Lhasa Apso!

  4. hi!
    nice to read ur blog.we are also planning to move from singapore to kl...planning to stay at the villa mont kiara(near mkis)..any idea how is the place?
    by the way ur pictures are really good...

  5. Yes, VILLA MONT KIARA is beautiful! It's at a good location and nearby my condo. I am sure you will have a very nice unit there! It's more like a villa-style place with lots of space. It's in between Plaza Mont Kiara (where you can go Starbucks or do slight grocery), also near Coffee Bean. Then you also have a new option to drive 2-mins away to Solaris Mont Kiara ( a new commercial complex where they have a wide choice of restaurants and big COLD STORAGE).

    Very convenient location & I am so sure your place will be lovely! Good luck on your move.

  6. This is very helpful - another question... is there an American School, or is the International School on the American System. I have so many questions where do I start?! I wrote on another spot... ex=pat family of 6 potentially moving to Malasia. It seems a lot more affordable then Mexico City, where we are now. Is it possible to find a house, or a condo with a small yard? It is hard to have 4 small kids in an apt. Again, anything helps -

  7. About the schools, well, I don't have children going to school yet so I dont have the full list. But... the good news is there are SO SO MANY International schools here in Kuala Lumpur! I am 100% there is at least 1 or 2 which follow the American system. Just within Mont Kiara alone, it is nearby 3 international schools!
    For the condo or house with a small yard ... definitely YES YES YES! You will surely find the right property when you get here. I can introduce you also to a real estate agent if you want, she can bring you around to look at rental units that have your requirements. They even have condos with double floors with their own garden in-the-sky concept. For sure you will find a right place. Something like a semi-D (or semi-detatched) unit is probably best for you. I will drop you an email. Hope this helps!

  8. The other day i was in Mont Kiara and i dropped by to view a semi detached unit in Amarin Kiara. The location is spectacular as it sits just next to a patch of forest. Only 30 units and all come with a swimming pool.Am moving in this December.

  9. Wow good for you... i dont know where Amarin is but curious to know which street in Mont Kiara is that?

  10. Be glad you don't have kids yet - Mont Kiara International School costs a bomb ! 60k USD - nothing included - for two kids for a day school !


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