Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Weekend Outfit

Since the days that I started working in Kuala Lumpur, I find myself enjoying the "super dress down" look on weekends. It's so practical especially with the KL weather. Whether it's off to the swimming pool, taking a short walk to our neighborhood Coffee Bean, or "malling" around 1Utama / The Curve / The Gardens... the ultimate companion is my Havaianas Flip Flops! I have been using Havaianas for many years and really, it truly is the best flip-flops in the world.

Whether it's paired with my weekend shorts, jenas, a mini dress, or even a long dress! It's fab and comfortable. Even my hubby owns 2 pairs now (thanks to me , ha ha). He loves it too!

For readers who may not know what I am talking about, well, Havaianas is quite popular in certain parts of the world. And even Hollywood-ies are also into it! I don't blame them ... it's really the perfect weekend sole-mate!

I've been watching this TV Series called Gossip Girl. I love their fashion style. At first I had reservations about the show... it seemed "kiddie" to me (mostly because I am so far from the old university & school days!) But the tv series has proved itself quite interesting. It entertains me on certain evenings, as I alternate it with other tv series like Heroes, Lost, Damages, 24, Private Practice & Grey's Anatomy.

Anyway enough rambling... just a sneak peek at what Gossip Girls stars are wearing... they love Havaianas too!!!

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