Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ttdi Park great to bring kids!

I am especially writing this for my Japanese friend Mariko. This beautiful park which is hidden inside ttdi is perfect for families who want to enjoy some outdoor time. While dad goes jogging, mommy and the kids can enjoy playing at the mini stream.. Or run around at the playgrounds. On early mornings (i have been there at 8am) & late afternoons like 5 to 7pm , one will find many locals and expats hanging out there. Other features of the place includes small monkeys which are on the trees and may sometimes be walking around; the small lake which one can view little turtles bobbing their heads up and down! Plus a small waterfall which will entertain the little ones who love water. Lots of trees and fresh air! A must visit place for the family who wants outdoor fun. For map or gps location see here :,101.633659%20%28Bukit%20Kiara%20Kuala%20Lumpur%20Kuala%20Lumpur%20Malaysia%29

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  1. Hi! Anabelle!
    Thank you for a great information
    especially for me.
    Photos shown on your blog reminds me of my favorite park in Japan where I used to play with my family or friends all day long.
    I must take my kids and husband to spend our weekend at such a wonderfull park! Besids,my husband is struggling to lose his weight...

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