Saturday, May 23, 2009

Breakfast at Delicious (Dua, Tun Razak)

we decided to check out the Delicious branch in Kuala Lumpur where the 7 month old restaurant opened its branch. Delicious has always been a favorite of ours since we moved to KL 2 years ago. Now their KL branch boasts of huge space and beautiful interiors. There were around 5 customers when we arrived at 10am on a Saturday morning. We ordered the waffle and the big brekkie which were tasty. The hot chocolate was a bit too sweet for me so I asked for extra hot milk which made it better. Overall it's a satisfying Saturday breakfast after a long week of work.

Our Trip to Pangkor Laut

It was a fabulous visit to Pangkor Laut this May 2009! We really enjoyed the perfect sunny weather, good food & service and wonderful location of the YTL resort. Highly recommended! It's only 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. Then they will have a private boat that will bring you to the island. Fantastic vacation !
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