Friday, June 12, 2009

Indian dinner @ Passage Through India

I gave in to my craving for Indian food. I know, I know... It's very unlike me. I thought of Indian food because the other night I watched Travel & Living and this guy went around Goa and other places tasting food. The food featured seemed wow and got me thinking I want to taste those Indian spices. So tonight we went to Passage Through India near Bangsar and Damansara Heights (not sure what is the name of the exact area) but it's not too far from our home. We were not disappointed with our order. We had butter naan paired with some kind of spinach dip with cottage cheese. Yummy ! Me and hubby liked it. Then some chicken briyani (hope I spelled it right) and then some lamb kebab. Overall a good meal for a Friday night :) our total bill came to RM81 ... not too bad. While we were there the number of expat customers came flowing so I guess they are probably a well-established Indian restaurant. TGIF !
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