Friday, June 26, 2009

Movies in Kuala Lumpur

In case you are wondering how much movies cost around here, well, compared to France (hubby finds it so cheap here), the price is very reasonable.

This weekend we are planning to go watch Transformers 2 at the KLCC Cinema. There are tons of shopping malls with great cinemas for you to choose from!

Our personal favorite would be the cinema at the Gardens which has superb seats. Tickets depend on what kind of cinema you choose, and they even have those which is especially made for couples.

The KLCC Cinema (which is a bit old) costs around RM 11.00 = US$ 3.20
The Gardens cinema can cost you up to RM20 per person = US$5.70
While others with lazy boys and super premiere can cost up to RM40 per person = US$11.50

Online booking is also possible and this makes things so much easier.. with just a small fee.

One of hubby's favorite site for online cinema booking would be : where you can get access to different shopping malls. Very convenient.

Hope this little piece of info is useful!

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