Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our June Trip To Phuket... Paradise!

Hubby's work permit expired so that got him into some fix with the Immigration people. So they asked him to exit the country and come back in. That meant a sudden weekend getaway for us! I always enjoy these things!

So we booked a last minute trip to Phuket (just 4 days before flying out that June weekend). And the flights were cheap. I think for both our tickets it was around RM950++. Then, I quickly looked at Trip Advisor and the #1 result for Phuket was Indigo-Pearl resort. After reading the reviews I didn't have any doubts and quickly went to the hotel site to book directly with them.

After our glorious 3-days-2-nights, all I can say is that Phuket is paradise! The weather was oh-so-fantastic! The weather was sunny all day! It made the pool and the sea in good temperature and you will not shiver at all when you go into the water. The food was superb! Both inside and outside the hotel. Things were affordable.

We also managed to squeeze in a Thai Cooking Class from PUM's. It was a 40-minute ride from Indigo-Pearl. And it was worth it! Hubby and I learned 3 dishes and our favorite was the Thai Green Curry! I never thought it was that easy! We had fun learning how to cook Thai cuisine.

Overall, we would highly recommend this to expats living in Malaysia. It's a quick and hassle-free weekend getaway. Other foreigners we met at Phuket were so jealous to hear that it was just a 1-hour flight from KL. They had a 10-hour flight from Melbourne just to get to Phuket!

So for expats out there... enjoy the convenience and bring home happy memories of the Phuket paradise.


  1. ooh...learning to cook Thai. that sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. I think both of you got amazing time here...hope you like it :)


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