Saturday, July 25, 2009

Meatworks @ Solaris Mont Kiara

After last night's heavy dinner at Ole Ole Bali, we went for a walk around Solaris and noticed this new restaurant which was packed with people. Our curiosity got the better of us so we decided to check it out for our late lunch this lazy Saturday.
The place is quite cozy and inviting with brick walls and simple decor.
The overall meal was good and of good quality. Let me share the breakdown of our meal:
Soup of the day tomato soup rm15
Potato salad rm12
Rib eye rm58
Apple juice rm9.50
Honeydew juice rm9.50
Total bill came out to rm 119.60 which included service charge and gov't tax.
Meatworks is located right in front of Cold Storage Solaris
Tel 03-62040398
Ps. Because we were so hungry I didn't get the chance to take photos of the food. I only realized half-way through, he he!

Ole ole Bali @ Solaris

Last night we opted to be more adventurous and tried a different restaurant called Ole Ole Bali. Back in Manila we didn't have a lot of choice on authentic Indonesian dishes so it's somehow foreign to me. And of course hubby also didn't get to try those dishes back in France! We were not disappointed with our choice. The ambience was decorated with lots of authentic Balinese paraphernalia and low seats with cushions. The food came very fast which was good because we were both hungry on a Friday night. Hubby took a set which had meat, veggie, squid and prawns. It was tasty! Mine was a half roasted chicken with lemongrass and it was good as well. A bit too much for for 2 bec the serving was big. We ended up too full and over-ate :(
With 2 dishes plus 2 drinks, our bill came up to rm 85. Quite reasonable for such a place. Overall it's a satisfied rating for our Balinese evening.

Nice lazy Saturday

It was nice to spend all morning at home lazying around. By 1pm we decided it's time to go out and eat somewhere. Caught glimpse of the relaxing and sunny atmosphere at my condo where it's nice to sit by and read. I love the weather here in KL! Sunny all year long!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Most Expensive Restaurant KL - Part 2

Now moving to main course, both hubby and I enjoyed tremendously. I had the braised beef which was melt-in-your-mouth! The portion was just right and it was served with mushrooms, asparagus and potatoes. Hubby took the fish dish which tasted exquisite. Dessert was fantastic as well with melted chocolate & ice cream, while hubby got the lemon thingy dessert which looked too lovely to eat! They also gave a bonus dessert to us as a gift!
This gastronomic experience will cost you ... RM 808 (around us$227)! Definitely the most expensive dinner we have paid since we arrived in KL :) But it was truly memorable! Highly recommended for people who are out to celebrate a special occasion.
Lafite is located at the lobby of Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Most Expensive Restaurant KL - Part 1

It's a very happy day for us today. The pregnancy is going well and we found out that we will be having a baby girl! Yipee!
Tonight we dined in the most expensive restaurant in Kuala Lumpur -- from our perspective. So far since our arrival in Malaysia we have never paid this much for a dinner for 2! Anyway will share the bill later in part 2.
The food was superb and the experience we've had at Shangri-la's French Restaurant called Lafite was most appropriate for our celebration. We both took the Explorer menu which was a 6 course meal. Superb! Plus they even made a special candlelight set-up for us. I did mention to them that we are celebrating something that evening and that I'm pregnant when I called for reservations. The meal included my ultimate favorite foie gras (really heavenly!), we had some soup, some fancy looking starters, lobster with tomatoes, and a small cup of sorbet to clean the palette. More updates and photos in the next entry. Had to cut into 2 entries bec I'm sending this update from my phone to my Blogger site which cross-posts to Facebook. Find out in the next entry how much this whole experience cost us :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Secret Passion

A peek into my secret passion... acrylic and oil painting. I've always been fascinated with the world of art since I was very young. Though I had no formal schooling on art, I was able to nurture my little passion via simple means. During my younger days, I loved spending time at the art section of the bookstore looking at the different paint and brushes. I followed this art guy on TV who would be doing a step-by-step painting lesson every Saturday morning. I found interesting the little field trips to the museum which my school initiated. It was an "on and off" thing because to paint, one needs inspiration, time, patience, lots of space and lots of mess!

When I got older and travelled to European countries where art is revelled and appreciated. It was very inspiring. So when I had the chance to enroll in an art gallery workshop, I took the plunge and signed up for 10 lessons. I had the time of my life! Every time I walked in there and did my painting, I felt happy, truly happy. It's a different feeling that I could not describe with words. It wasn't a cheap hobby. To me, every penny I have spent on art since I was a little girl was money well spent. Just thinking of those moments make me so happy.

So here I am sharing a little bit of my secret passion and the stuff I have made over time. I was ecstatic when hubby sold a few of my paintings -- the mere idea of it was mind-blowing! I was on cloud 9! Never beyond my wildest imagination would I have thought that people would buy my stuff. It was pure bliss making them... it's beyond unbelievable having friends buy them.

Here's a sneak peak to what I have completed over the years... Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fete Nationale de la France

Very nice party at the French embassy at Ampang. It was packed with people! We had to park far and walk to the embassy. When we entered I was so surprised how beautiful the gardens were and it felt like one of those European parties we attended a while back. It's really interesting to see one such party in Malaysia!
The food was okay, lots of wine and cheese. And the cakes were so nicely decorated. Never realized how huge the French population was here in KL! Met some new people and some old friends. July 14 is considered as the National day of France or what they call Bastille day.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

French Food @ Cuisine Studio

For a change of scenery, hubby and I decided to deviate from shopping malls and went walking at Ttdi park. After our walk, we wanted something different for lunch so we tried to find our way to Tropicana. I heard from several expat and local friends about a cooking school which also serves good French food. We found the country club easily and headed to Cuisine Studio. It's located inside the Country Club itself and quite nicely decorated. When you enter, one will immediately smell freshly baked bread.
We ordered salad for starters and it came with bread and a small sample of tapenade. Then we took the duck Cassoulet which I totally miss, especially after tasting a superb one last year during my stay in South of France. We devoured the dish in minutes. It's probably the only place in Malaysia that has that! We finished off with a lemon Tartlet. I was also able to buy a bottle of the French Monin syrup in apple flavor, which we love! We usually mix it with cold water or sparkling water for a refreshing drink. Total bill came out to rm 214.45 Let me share the breakdown of our bill.

Cuisine Studio at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
Garden salad rm28
Duck Cassoulet Rm 62
Lemon Tartlet rm 18
White wine glass rm 20
San Pellegrino rm15
Monin apple syrup rm 43.48
Plus tax and service charge
Total was at rm 214.45

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Sugimoto Dinner

Once again I'm craving for some authentic Japanese cuisine and thought of checking out Sugimoto. A Japanese friend of mine mentioned it long ago and so I decided to research online about people's reviews. The place was busy with people, and the ambience was simple Japanese style. If not for the blog reviews pointing us to its location I don't think we would have given it a second look bec it's at the 2nd floor. One has to go up via elevator or stairs. It's near the Jarrod & Rawlins restaurant.
We ordered the Kamameshi set, chicken teppanyaki, and saba fish. Overall it was tasty and the service was good. We will definitely go back to try other dishes.
We paid rm 86 in total. Not bad for an authentic Japanese dinner with great service. The other blogs I've seen mentioned that they have quite affordable lunch menus.

Sugimoto is located at 36-1 & 38-1 Jalan 27/70A Desa Sri Hartamas , Kuala Lumpur.

Tel # 03-23001102

To find it, look for the Jarrod and Rawlins restaurant which is located at the ground floor. Beside it is a narrow passage-way which leads you to a staircase/elevator which will bring you up to the next floor... which is Sugimoto!

H1N1 & Pizza Saturday

I had a colleague who caught the H1N1 virus bec of her trip to Thailand, so I worked from home this week except for Friday. The days passed by quickly and once again it's Saturday!
We decided it's better to stay home than mingle in the high-traffic malls where the virus may be present. So we took our time and made our own pizza. The bread dough was purchased from Carrefour last week' where they have stock of pizza dough from France. Then we topped it with 3 kinds of cheese, some basil and olives, plus beef sausages sauteed with onions, pizza tomato sauce and a bit of olive oil. It was yummy! Definitely tastier than pizza delivery. Plus, hubby made sure that he made it thin crust just like how Italians do it. Shame we don't have a wood oven else it would be perfect! Anyway pizza and some ice cold coke made my late lunch an interesting one.
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