Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fete Nationale de la France

Very nice party at the French embassy at Ampang. It was packed with people! We had to park far and walk to the embassy. When we entered I was so surprised how beautiful the gardens were and it felt like one of those European parties we attended a while back. It's really interesting to see one such party in Malaysia!
The food was okay, lots of wine and cheese. And the cakes were so nicely decorated. Never realized how huge the French population was here in KL! Met some new people and some old friends. July 14 is considered as the National day of France or what they call Bastille day.


  1. dear pinkaddict,

    woww! such a big event!
    didnt look like m'sia either..

    would like to c ur pict in dress attend this event. :)


  2. i did take some photos ;) will upload soon. it was a grand party which made me forget I was in KL!


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