Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Indian Dinner @ Saffron

Okay I admit, since I started my 2nd trimester I have been obsessed with food. I've had different food cravings week to week. I have been an avid daily viewer of Asian Food Channel. And there would be certain days when I crave food Indian food -- something I totally don't know how to cook. I only started eating Indian food since our arrival in Malaysia and I can't believe I missed out this cuisine all my life! Back in Manila I haven't had that level of appreciation of Indian cuisine.
Tonight we tried for the first time this small cozy restaurant at Sri Hartamas. It's called Saffron. When we arrived at 8pm it was half full. Just minutes after we were seated, people kept pouring in and in no time the place was packed! We ordered a chicken dish, mutton dish' small saffron rice, a bread like thing which is somewhat like naan, and a spinach cottage cheese sauce, plus 2 drinks. The food was good and prices were very reasonable. The menu is not as extensive as the other restaurants like Passage Thru India (which is more pricey but it's very different from Saffron). Overall our bill came out to rm 60 which was very reasonable for a Friday night dinner. By the time we left the restaurant it was noisy and bustling with people. We also saw more people heading to the restaurant ... Pretty impressive especially as the neighboring restaurants weren't as full.

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