Saturday, July 18, 2009

Most Expensive Restaurant KL - Part 1

It's a very happy day for us today. The pregnancy is going well and we found out that we will be having a baby girl! Yipee!
Tonight we dined in the most expensive restaurant in Kuala Lumpur -- from our perspective. So far since our arrival in Malaysia we have never paid this much for a dinner for 2! Anyway will share the bill later in part 2.
The food was superb and the experience we've had at Shangri-la's French Restaurant called Lafite was most appropriate for our celebration. We both took the Explorer menu which was a 6 course meal. Superb! Plus they even made a special candlelight set-up for us. I did mention to them that we are celebrating something that evening and that I'm pregnant when I called for reservations. The meal included my ultimate favorite foie gras (really heavenly!), we had some soup, some fancy looking starters, lobster with tomatoes, and a small cup of sorbet to clean the palette. More updates and photos in the next entry. Had to cut into 2 entries bec I'm sending this update from my phone to my Blogger site which cross-posts to Facebook. Find out in the next entry how much this whole experience cost us :)

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