Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Secret Passion

A peek into my secret passion... acrylic and oil painting. I've always been fascinated with the world of art since I was very young. Though I had no formal schooling on art, I was able to nurture my little passion via simple means. During my younger days, I loved spending time at the art section of the bookstore looking at the different paint and brushes. I followed this art guy on TV who would be doing a step-by-step painting lesson every Saturday morning. I found interesting the little field trips to the museum which my school initiated. It was an "on and off" thing because to paint, one needs inspiration, time, patience, lots of space and lots of mess!

When I got older and travelled to European countries where art is revelled and appreciated. It was very inspiring. So when I had the chance to enroll in an art gallery workshop, I took the plunge and signed up for 10 lessons. I had the time of my life! Every time I walked in there and did my painting, I felt happy, truly happy. It's a different feeling that I could not describe with words. It wasn't a cheap hobby. To me, every penny I have spent on art since I was a little girl was money well spent. Just thinking of those moments make me so happy.

So here I am sharing a little bit of my secret passion and the stuff I have made over time. I was ecstatic when hubby sold a few of my paintings -- the mere idea of it was mind-blowing! I was on cloud 9! Never beyond my wildest imagination would I have thought that people would buy my stuff. It was pure bliss making them... it's beyond unbelievable having friends buy them.

Here's a sneak peak to what I have completed over the years... Enjoy!


  1. dear pinkaddict,

    u r so talented!its like did by professional fulltime artist occay..! Im so impressed!

    art is priceless..but so eager to know how much it cost per piece.. who know that i am afford to buy! hihi.. :)
    interested with pict no.6 from down. pink colour,look like flowers..(sory dunno how to interpret, but it nice!)

  2. Bravo anabelle!!


  3. thanks girls!
    hubby sold the different pieces at different prices bec of the size of the painting. i usally make big paintings (it's more enjoyable! and more impactful)
    on average the price was RM1,200 per piece. quite reasonable price for original, big pieces ;)

    The #6 abstract flower is one of my favorites also. I made 2 versions, one with acrylic which is hanging on my wall. Another using oil painting which is now hanged at my in-law's house in France.

  4. owh..its quite expensive also.. 3times to pay my car loan to the bank monthly..hihi..
    (sory, i really have no idea how much it cost before)

    btw, its a gud job! keep it up!

  5. Hiya,

    I like your style and was wondering if you could paint onto a small canvass a picture of my girlfriend and me. I moved to KL recently and she is coming out to visit soon. It would be nice for her to take back home with please contact me on

  6. hello:

    So sorry I was not able to contact you about the painting. I missed out this comment and realized only too late. Also, i do mostly abstract art (and have not done portraits for a long, long time). I hope you were able to find a nice painting as gift to your girlfriend! So far I was successful in selling a number of my abstract paintings to expats and locals... which i am so so so happy about. In case you and girlfriend will need a nice painting for your apartment/house, do let me know... thanks for visiting my blog!


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