Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Authentic Japanese at a Cheap Price!

To all the Japanese food lovers (like me)... I want to share the good news that authentic, well cooked Japanese need not be expensive. You just need to know what time to go :)

I wrote an entry on Sugimoto a while back. And when I read on some blogs that they have a cheaper lunch menu, we went to try it out last month. Indeed, it was true! The price was super affordable and the quality of the food was of good standard! Unbelievable price for that food quality and quantity. I was literally stuffed full after the meal.

Let me share the photos of the bento box meal which you can also enjoy at Sugimoto during lunch hours. To form your own bento box, you can choose different stuff from their menu which has a wide selection (i think around 30 entries). It varies from tempura, to beef, sashimi, etc etc. Quite a good selection for that cheap price. Plus, the chawan mushi comes with the meal (and was so yummy and soft). Then you even have the option of plain rice or garlic rice (choose the garlic rice it was so tasty!) The total for 2 pax with a bento box with 3 entries was RM41.40!!!

In case you want to call and make reservations ... to ensure you get a seat :

Tel # 03-23001102

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