Saturday, August 01, 2009

Il Padrino @ Damansara Heights

After a lazy saturday at home we wanted to have dinner out so I started my search for good restaurants around Damansara Heights. We ended up finding this new Italian place called Il Padrino. They have an interesting open concept facade which is welcoming. It seems to have newly opened this year. For dinner, they had quite good
customers though it's not super full.
Funny, in their menu there was one photo which hubby was particularly interested in, but the waiter said it was not available nor in the menu. That's kinda weird especially as they had limited photos and usually restaurants feature their best dishes with photos. Oh well.
We ordered their home made ravioli with spinach and cheese, while hubby took the osso bucco (beef) which was nicely cooked. We also had one appetizer (bruschetta with gorgonzola & ham), and one dessert, plus a glass of white wine.
The panna cotta was below my expectation so I would recommend you to try some other dessert.
Total bill came up to rm164.45
Overall a good place to have authentic Italian food. I would probably come back to sample other food on their list.


  1. Hi,It's nice to read ur blog. get lot of info.It has been very useful to me since we decided to move to KL.
    is there any Tesco or Carrefor near KLCC?
    Planning to rent an apartment in Mont Kiara as my son got admission in MKIS.Looking for houses in Aman, Banyan and Meridien.They r asking for RM 6000 for furnished 3 bedroom apartment. Is the price ok?
    Couldn't find Solaris but visited Plaza Mont Kiara.


  2. hi SD,

    There are Tescos and Carrefours in Malaysia but it's not near KLCC.The one i used to go to was Tesco in The Curve (Mutiara Damansara). Or the Carrefour in Mid Valley Megamall. Meanwhile, there are many smaller groceries where you can do shopping like Cold Storage. Or if you live in Mont Kiara, the one I like is MERCATO located at Plaza Damas (the food and imported goods selection are quite good) and a very short drive from home!

    RM6,000 is a good price already for furnished apartments at those 3 places you mentioned. One of those condos you mentioned is where i live! They are well maintained bec of the property developer, which in my understanding is one of the best in Malaysia.

    I would tend to choose Aman / Banyan bec of it's location (as Le Meidien is near the hi-way and can be irritating sound, my hubby doesnt like the noise).

    Solaris is very nearby and you can even attempt to walk from all the 3 condo you mentioned. There is a Cold Storage and lots of restaurants there.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Pinkaddict
    Just found your blog, it's great. We are probably going to be moving to KL (from the UK) by the end of this year for my boyfriends work, we will have our 15 month old son with us too. Looking forward to it, but scared to, so it's nice to read that you're having a good time. :-) Cheers, B

  4. Hi,
    where do u go for ur pedicure?I also need to get my eyebrows threaded and waxing done.


  5. hi SD:

    Since 2 years ago, i frequent this place called STRIP which gives very professional services on manicure, pedicure and waxing. I think you will find their services quite good. I also found a fellow blogger who posted more info about Strip's waxing service (in case you want to read more about it)... see below.

    The prices are quite okay and maybe you want to give them a call +603-77265119 to find out about prices/ schedule... enjoy!!!

  6. Hiya!

    I was net surfing trying to figure out as to where to go and what to do on our stop over in KL for our next trip. As we will be there on a saturday night, naturally we wanna celebrate it BIG. Could you give us pointers as to what would be the best nite spot to chill out? TA!

  7. waiting for ur upcoming entry..

  8. hi Unjaded:
    Wow, i hope you will enjoy your stay here in Kuala Lumpur. It really depends on what kind of "BIG celebration" ... it means different things for different people. When I was younger it meant party all night until dawn! Anyway some few points you may want to consider:
    1. Having a drink at Traders Hotel at the top floor where you have a view of the Twin Towers (called SKY BAR)

    2. You can also hang out at the ASIAN HERITAGE ROW (which is a street full of diff restaurants and bars and clubs) which is in Kuala Lumpur

    3. You may also want to hang out around Suriya KLCC where you will be near the twin towers, enjou different restaurants and there are some bars nearby (very happening place is Bukit Bintang) or some clubs so near the KLCC that you can just walk out to it.

    Good luck and enjoy your stay!


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