Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Worries of a Pregnant Expat

I can't help but worry what's happening to our world. Lately, a number of disasters have happened and I wonder what else is to come. I am tense about it not because of my own survival-- but for my soon-to-be-baby. What kind of environmental condition will she be living in years from now?

Today, September 30, 2009 if you flicked on your news channel, you would have seen a series of bad news:
  • the tsunami at Samoa South Pacific ( which initially suffered a 8.0 earthquake)
  • 16 hours after that South Pacifc earthquake... it was the Indonesian earthquake (some tremors were felt in Kuala Lumpur)
  • Typhoon Ketsana which ravaged the Philippines & Vietnam
I just hope that it's not yet too late to change our ways to save the planet. I believe that part of the reason for these disasters could be because of how we have abused the environment. Maybe I am wrong... I don't know. I appreciate some of the establishments that have started charging for plastic bags -- this way it forces people to change their ways. Ikea in Mutiara Damansara and the Bangsar Village Grocer have started charging for plastic bags months ago. I am hoping more establishments will follow.

At this point, all I can request from my readers is to pause for a moment of prayer -- for all those affected by the different calamities that have just happened.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Relax Time : Pedicure at Strip

One of my monthly indulgence is going for my pedicure at Strip (the Curve). It's my alone time where I can sit and relax while my regular pedicurist does her magic. She already knows what I like and how I want it which makes the overall experience good. This way, the results are always consistent and I never get disappointed. Unlike Manila, the Malaysian nail salons like to sell packages which gives you a better deal (while at the same time locking in your loyalty) which suits me fine as long as the service is good.
I have been a customer of Strip for 2.5 years now, since our arrival in Malaysia. A fellow expat introduced the place to me, and I have been hooked since. At first I frequented their Bangsar branch, which is a nice place but very difficult to find parking. I used to park at Bangsar Village mall then walk to Strip, but that shot walk can be quite dangerous as I heard many snatch theft incidents around that area. I rejoiced when they opened a branch at The Curve, where parking is convenient and it's inside the shopping mall.
Strip also offers waxing services which is professionally done.
To call for an appointment at Strip the Curve you can call tel. 03-77265119
Enjoy your pamper day!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Holiday (Raya) break in KL

The past month, KL was hooded with a grim smog-like fog which hid the usual blue skies. This is probably due to the forest fires in Indonesia, though some locals did tell me they do the same in some parts of Malaysia. Today, just after the Hari Raya festivities, many locals are still out of town on their "Raya break". Most of my local friends are still at their "kampung" or back in their province... while the Chinese locals took advantage of the long weekend plus taking some vacation time off to visit other countries. So the KL scene is pretty quiet this week. Driving to work yesterday was very smooth.

Today's weather is fantastic! The sun is shining so bright! I took advantage of the wonderful weather with a few laps at the pool. Really superb weather and I wish it will stay that way in the weeks to come.


Hubby and I enjoyed the Raya break just staying in town. Since I am now 7 months pregnant, we can't travel unlike the past years living in KL. Instead, we were invited to a friend's Open House -- which was very interesting. They had loads of local food which were so tasty I had 2 helpings! Prior to coming to KL, I didn't fully understand the significance of Ramadan and all the details that go with it. Living here made me realize the sacrifice of fasting, the beauty and the culture of Islam. It made me appreciate the differences in religion. We also had an interesting barbeque dinner at a fellow expat's place in Damansara Heights. Our friends have 3 children and they are all so cute! It made me even more excited about my soon-to-be baby.

KL is such a great place... a melting pot of culture -- both local and foreign. It will soon be 3 years living in KL when December comes. Until today I have no regrets of moving here from Singapore. This is the place we call home for now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my favorite dessert on weekdays

I first sampled Boost Juice Bar when I visited Sydney many years ago. I was wondering how come we don't have such a thing in Manila. Eventually I forgot about it and life went on. I'm working in Kuala Lumpur now and recently discovered that they opened at the food court of Suria KLCC. Since last month, I have been visiting their outlet for my ultimate favorite drink: the King William. It's a blend of chocolate, banana, yogurt, & milk. Well, they claim it's 98% fat free (i do hope so!). So far that drink satisfies my dessert craving after lunch.
Well if you are ever around Klcc then you should check it out. Their warm banana cake is also very tasty.
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