Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hiestand Bakery at Mont Kiara ... finally a good bakery nearby!

I have always dreamed of walking to a nearby quality bakery for fresh bread in the wee hours of the morning. My dream came true when I was vacationing in South of France at hubby's hometown and cherished every moment we walked to their nearby bakery to buy fresh croissant, pain au chocolat and baguette.

Now... my dream is a reality... here in Mont Kiara! Finally, they opened a decent & quality bakery called Hiestand. It's located at the ground floor of Mont Kiara Meridin condo, minutes away from where I stay. I believe that the neighborhood will truly appreciate this new establishment!

Hiestand opened its doors only last week (Sunday). The good news is that this bakery opens at 7:30am every day Monday to Sunday! Yippeee! Fresh bread anytime!

I went to the shop today to buy some bread and the sales lady informed me that they will have a breakfast set available starting this Saturday (Oct 24), a combination of bread, jam, eggs and coffee. Can't wait til this weekend to try it out. Best of all, they open very early!

In case you are wondering about the prices, let me share with you a breakdown of the items I bought today:
Pain Au Choc- RM 2.60
Strudel Almond - RM2.00
Focaccio bun- RM1.20
Butter Croissant - RM3.80

To my neighborhood friends in Mont Kiara: enjoy freshly baked bread every day!


  1. Oh! That's a lovely bakery indeed, i passed by that place last September when I was there and it was closed yet.

    Hope to catch up some pastries when I get back to KL soon :)

  2. Yes! it's so nice to finally have a bakery nearby... can walk to get some fresh bread. But this week, i have been so hung up on this other bakery called the BREAD SHOP at Damansara Heights! For bread lovers you must must must check it out... i love their pastries and the interior of the shop is lovely too!

  3. Thank you for the good comments on our bakery. I am the owner of this bakery and accidentally bumped into your blog. Also congratulations on your new born baby. Hope to see you soon when you are back in malaysia! Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Warmest regards from Paul & the staff of Hiestand

  4. Dear Paul,

    Will drop by real, real soon to taste your famous Hiestand bread and pastries!!

    Cheers...........Richard Yap..SYD


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