Thursday, October 08, 2009

Interesting Performance by Chinese

I attended one of the I.T. Magazine event this week. It was a sit down dinner event coupled with awarding ceremony.
They had an interesting mid-dinner entertainment. They invited some people from China to come and perform. It's amazing what the mind and body can do when one is determined! These kids were trained to do tricks since they were young. Some of the performance were nerve racking while others were okay. Overall I am amazed at what humans can do with their body when trained well. These people are available for hire for events... just in case anyone out there looking for some for entertainment for their party or event, this may be something you would want to consider.


  1. Hi,
    You mentioned before that you managed to get a job in kuala lumpur,could you please give some info about the job portals or recruitment agencies we can go through? I hv completed 3 mnths in KL and want to get back to work now.
    Hope u are doing well trough ur pregnancy!

  2. I joined and JobsDB. Both had some leads on work opportunities. I suggest you to also look at the STAR job ads on weekends. It also helps to hook up with some head-hunters if you can acceess them. Dont limit yourself to that... also be on the lookout in some expat magazines & international schools which may have specific openings for foreigners. Best of all... be sure to tell your friends about it as they can be the best source of finding a job (esp if they are employed in the same industry as what you are interested in)
    Good luck!


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