Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant at BSC Bangsar

For Japanese food lovers (like me), it's refreshing to find new restaurants in the city. After browsing through some blogs, I decided to give this fairly new restaurant a visit.

Like what they say: a true measurement if a Japanese retaurant is good is if you see many Japanese locals frequenting the joint. True enough, I saw a number of them while I was eating there. So it's safe to say this is an authentic Jap place.

Kuriya is located at the top floor of the newly renovated BSC (Bangsar Shopping Centre) and the ambience is modern chic. Surely a good place to impress your loved one (if that is what you are aiming for). I saw a few couples who were surely having a "dinner date" ... well they picked a nice place!

The service was fast and prompt. The california maki roll I ordered came in just after 5 minutes of ordering it. I also noticed they had quite a number of Filipino staff (waiters and cooks) which may have contributed to the friendly service.

Hubby and I tried the traditional Japanese stuff as we didn't feel like being too adventurous with our orders that evening. Though on the menu they had some exceptionally different stuff which I didn't find in other Jap restaurants... maybe I will try them next time. We opted for ebi tempura, garlic fried rice, chicken teriyaki, cod fish teriyaki and of course some salmon sashimi (which they are proud of bec of the regular fish delivery flights from Japan). I can tell you that the salmon sashimi was really very fresh and tasty. Though I am 8 months pregnant and not supposed to be taking sushi (or any raw stuff), I couldn't help myself and I tasted 1 piece of it. Melt-in-your-mouth sashimi... sigh. Will have to come back after I deliver little baby. Mommy will is craving for sashimi treat!

I didn't feel like drinking anything from their list, given my condition. So I just opted for some warm water while hubby took some hot green tea. Both drinks didn't appear in our bill so I guess these are "gratuit" or free of charge. Good to know especially as some of the other Jap places charge for water and for green tea.

In case you are wondering how does this Jap restaurant fare against others in terms of costing, let me share the breakdown of the bill. For 2 people, we spent RM148.35 which is not too high cost for a posh place like this. But I think if you plan to try the more exotic looking stuff you will surely end up with RM100-120 per person or even more.

Ebi Tempura - RM28
Matcha ice cream - RM8
Gindara Teriyaki - RM 30
Chicken Teriyaki - RM 18
Garlic Fried Rice - RM15
Salmon Sashimi - RM 22
California Maki - RM 8

Service charge + Gov't tax on top of the food cost brought the total bill to RM 148.35.

If you would like to make a reservation, you can contact the restaurant:

KURIYA Japanese Restaurant
Tel. No. 03-20939246 / 03-20939242

Will we come back to try the other stuff? Yes... we will. It gets tiring sometimes going back to the same old-same old Japanese places we frequent : like Rakuzen Sri Hartamas (which is always fully booked) or Sugimoto at Desa Sri Hartamas. It's nice to have some change once in a while.

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