Wednesday, October 07, 2009

pregnancy treat: Clarins Massage for pregnant women

I'm getting heavier everyday. And each new week I discover new 'preggy symptoms' such as water retention, swelling feet, increase in leg cramps, etc. Sigh, all mothers know the drill. I'm very thankful though that things are progressing well and according to plan. Thank God I don't have back pains (yet), especially as many books and online resources warn of it in the late stages of pregnancy. Which brings me to the point of having pregnancy massages, which is highly suggested in western resources to relieve back pain.

A friend of mine told me that she had a pleasant experience when she tried the Clarins pregnancy massage. This idea stuck in my mind for a while. I was keeping it as a treat should I encounter back pains.
Well, thankfully the back pains have not arrived on my door, and hubby insisted that I take this massage as a little treat & indulgence.

I booked myself at the Clarins Institute and I definitely had a pleasant experience!

Let me quickly enumerate the overall experience (and how much time you need, how much it will cost)
  • You will need at least 2 hours to complete the whole process: which includes a short briefing, 15-mins body scrub, a short warm shower, then a 1-hour body massage
  • You will need to call for an appointment. This is because they have limited masseus who are certified for pregnancy massages. For the KLCC Clarins Institute, you can contact tel 03-23826800, while the 1Utama branch tel +603-7728 7266
  • Don't worry about shower cap and displosable undies, as these will be provided. They also provide warm water / tea before, during and after the treatment to help keep you hydrated
  • The massage position will include side-way massage as we pregnant women have a big tummy so we cannot face down. The massage table is comfortable and it's even warm (heated) at some point which provides a relaxing feeling
  • The massage oils used smell so good! And they warm up the oil before use, so you will feel a relaxing effect the moment it touches your skin
  • Oh, and for preggy women like me .. dont worry! They have a toilet inside the Institute, which means you can get easy access... our bladders can't hold water for too long :)
  • The overall expense will be RM 265.00 per session. They told me about their package promotion which is buy 5 and get 1 free session. But since the economy is bad and we should be prudent with spending, I decided to just pay for the session. I am not sure if I will go back for another treat before I deliver. That will depend on a lot of things :) But they did encourage me to make an appointment for the next month session. Anyway, you can always cancel it
To all mothers-to-be ... this is one treat that you deserve!

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