Sunday, October 04, 2009

sunday brunch pancake @ paddington

Opting to be different this Sunday morning, hubby and I went to the Curve (at Mutiara Damansara) to have pancakes at 'paddington house of pancakes'. It's been a while since our last visit to that establishment, which was a favorite of mine when we just moved to KL 2 years ago.
My only complaint is why this restaurant does not open its doors at 8am when in fact pancakes are supposed to be breakfast specialties. They had a branch at Plaza Damas last year which opened early but unfortunately it closed down. I took the hot chocolate drink (which I found too sweet to my taste) but I was so hungry & couldn't wait for the food to arrive. Finally my American stack pancakes arrived with peaches and bananas. The waiter was kind enough to add more bananas for me since I told him I didn't want the vanilla ice cream that was supposed to come with that order. Hubby took a crepe looking dish which is called Brussels. The wheat crepe he took had toppings like baked beans, beef bacon, cheese, guacamole, & egg. Both orders were up to par and would satisfy anyone's pancake craving. Hubby also took a flat white coffee. Total bill came up to rm 54.

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