Monday, October 19, 2009

superb hokkaido ice cream at MOF Pavilion

I was really surprised to see that japanese dessert shop tucked away at the basement corner of Pavilion (near Mercato). I suppose it's been there for a while but I rarely pass by that area since it feels like the end of the world. The friendly waiter explained their best sellers & I decide to be adventurous. I was not disappointed at all. The milky ice cream was oh so good and melt in your mouth. While the small japanese dumplings, jelly and some cute colored candy thing-y which I forgot the name. it also came with some fruits which were fresh and tasty. I would definitely go back to try the other desserts! They also do take away where people can easily order ice cream cone. For the few minutes we were there we saw quite a number of customers. I guess they have established their customer base. Good high quality ice cream!

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