Friday, November 06, 2009

Breakfast Again at The Bread Shop

It must be the pregnancy. Or simply my love for bread and pastries.

Hubby took me back to The Bread Shop for breakfast because I was craving for their yummy bread. We had coffee and hot chocolate along with the pastries we chose (this time we sampled the Almond Danish and the Sugar Butter bread). I simply love the ambience and pastry choices they have!

For people not familiar with Damansara Heights area, you may get a bit lost finding the place. If you are coming from Mont Kiara, turn left at the science center. Then left again on first corner. Then another left on first corner. Drive up and you will see some shops on the right side. Get a parking slot. The Bread Shop is right beside the restaurant Decanter. You will surely love the bread selection! Ahh bread heaven!


  1. The bread selection looks delish! Pastry and coffee... perfect to start a day right! Is The Bread Shop like Bread Talk in the Philippines? :)

    - Sundrenched

  2. hi Sundrenched... thanks for dropping by my blog.
    No.. it's not the same as Bread Talk in the Phils bec the one in Manila is kinda commercialized and found in shopping malls. Actually the Bread Talk in Malaysia -- well some of them closed down bec business was bad. There are a number of good authentic bakeshops over here which are striving better. This Bread Shop in Damamnsara heights has character and ultimate modern chic. People can sit and eat their bread with coffee, and they serve some warm stuff if you want to order in. These are some of the things i am enjoying while living in KL.. which is so different from manila. Of course Manila has its own charming place and one thing i miss totally is Mary Grace Ensymada and Cheese Roll!

  3. Yum, i've been looking for a good bread shop in KL ever since we arrived...and i'm in Sri Hartamas! I will pop in for a bite sometime. Keep up the good writing.

  4. thanks for dropping by Dan!
    So far, my local and expat friends all love the place. Try their walnut bread loaf... take note it's only available for sale in the afternoon like 4pm onwards. my hubby had to go back to buy it .. i like it toasted with jam for breakfast. Also i love their cinnamon rolls! enjoy!

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