Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinner Get Together at Mezze, Damansara

It's getting harder and harder to walk around because of my big pregnant tummy, so I have been working from home. That meant like being under house arrest most of the time so I was happy to know we were meeting some friends for dinner at a fairly new place called Mezze. One of our local friends recommended it and we arrived at Mezze on a Wednesday evening 7:45pm. The place was vibrant with customers and 1 hour into our dinner I noticed that they had quite a lot of customers for a weeknight. Good food pulls customers on any day of the week.

We were a group of 5 people. We had 2 bottles of red wine (I didn't drink and instead tried their orange-calamansi-apricot concoction). Plus a round of good tasty dishes which my friends ordered. The bill was around RM700+ i think (our hubbies - the guys took care of the bill :)

In terms of food selection, the menu is straight-forward (it's a 1-pager landscape menu laminated that looks like a table mat I could buy from French souvenir shops).  I do appreciate the simple menu as it helps narrow down the choices. Mostly our local friend did the ordering and came up with different dishes for sharing.

For starters we had the pork belly which was very crispy and not too much fat. I think we ended up ordering 4 plates of that since we devoured the thing so quickly every time it arrived at the table. Since I didn't order the dishes for tonight I can't remember the exact names of the dishes. I just remember some details and will share if it's very tasty or okay.

- Crispy pork belly - must order starters, very tasty. We couldn't stop with just 1 serving!
- Duck pate with bread - this one should be good. I tasted a small bite because I remember reading somewhere that pregnant women should avoid pate
- Chorizo - i found this just okay
- Shrimp pasta - must try, very tasty and slightly spicy
- Mussels - nice dish for sharing
- Special fish of the night - I didn't try but hubby said it was very tasty and good
- Lamb with couscous - I liked this one. Too big for 1 person, best if you share it and try other dishes
- Shrimp Tempura - this is okay. Taste a bit like home-made tempura my mom used to make. In case you have Japanese cravings I guess you can go with this one
- Duck & Chicken spring roll - a nice starter specially if you have hungry guests
- Pannacotta - this is probably the best pannacotta I have tasted in KL. I was so, so , so disappointed with the pannacotta at Delucca, Il Padrino, and other Italian places I have been to! We ordered 2 servings of this!
- Brownie with Ice Cream - this is also very, very good. We ended up with 2 servings as well!

Overall I would recommend to group of friends having a dinner night out. Try it and judge for yourself. The ambience is nice. Toilet is clean. Service is good. The chef also came by to say hello and introduced himself to all of us. Based on the number of customers they had for a Wednesday evening, I would say this place has it the right note in terms of menu. Will surely go back to visit one day.

No. 132, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara

50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(behind Victoria Station, near Vintry & La Rista)
Tel: 03-20950122

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