Thursday, November 05, 2009

Elcerdo: A Place for Serious Pork Lovers!

Back in Manila we had a dish called "lechon" which is super-killer-yummy.

How Lechon is prepared: "After seasoning, the pig is cooked by skewering the entire animal, entrails removed, on a large stick and cooking it in a pit filled with charcoal. The pig is placed over the charcoal, and the stick or rod it is attached to is turned in a rotisserie action."

The lechon is served on special occassions like wedding, big birthday parties, Christmas, etc. It is a whole pig roasted over fire and displayed for the guests to cut their own pieces. I especially like the fatty part (which is bad!) but there is nothing like it! If you ever go to the Philippines and happened to be at Cebu (one of the major islands), you must NOT miss tasting their special lechon over there. Even French hubby fell in love with it.
Now that we are almost 3 years in Malaysia, we realized we haven't had lechon for a long, long time. The last one was when we flew back to Manila 2 years ago! Suddenly we had that craving and thankfully there is a restaurant in town that serves something close to what Lechon is in Manila. And they had a small serving just right for 2 hungry people like us!
We went to visit this restaurant called Elcerdo which is located near the Bukit Bintang area. Close to the Jalan Ceylon where they have a string of interesting restaurants that will tickle the fancy of expats in Malaysia.
We ordered the roasted pig, which was cute and small enough for me and hubby!!! We finished almost the whole thing (and we had to take-away a few pieces which we could not finish and I refuse to just leave it there). The roasted pig came with some salad and potatoes. It also comes with a "different experience" where you will need to break the plate for good luck. I won't expound on it as this is some exciting stuff -- go try it yourself! Hee Hee....
It definitely satisfied our piggy cravings and it will be some time before we go back to that place. I think we had an overdose after this indulgence!

Prior to the main meal, hubby ordered some ham platter which he said was superb. It was a ham-and-melon appetizer which was yummy. Definitely a must try if you visit their establishment. If I was not pregnant I would have eaten that whole thing! I miss eating those ham and melon. It reminds me of that summer we were in South of France and his parents serving this as appetizer as we sat in their terrace with perfect summer weather --- ahhh those were the days! The restaurant ambience also has a European feel to it -- so it's a good place to bring a date. The service was prompt and fast.
Just wanted to share this in case there are serious pig lovers out there who are out to satisfy their pork cravings.

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  1. i did not know that they serve pork in Malaysia...i always thought bawal ang pork :)


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