Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Discoveries

It's 3a.m in Malaysia and here I am, wide awake (not by choice). I used to be a good sleeper, sleeping all the way through the night like a rock. After the numerous trips to the loo during pregnancy, which was still okay, because I fall asleep right after... this time, it's different!

All the mothers out there know exactly how I feel and what I am going through. The 1st month of every baby is all about waking up every 2 hours, feeding, changing diapers, etc. You know the drill.


Breastfeeding wasn't all the rage during my mom's time, so she didn't breastfeed any of us (me & my sisters). Now, all the books, websites, doctors and friends highly recommend it. Now that it's been a month after delivery and 2 purchases after (breastpumps), I highly recommend to all soon-to-be mom's to be ready with their pumps and I am confident in recommending my 2nd pump purchase which is Lactaline Ameda. I bought it recently for RM599 (which is a really good deal) and it has made the whole ordeal better.

At this point, I am writing this blog while pumping! This is made possible with the purchase of a Pumpin' Pal holder which makes it a hands-free experience! Also, I will spare you the hours of research online from actual users who have shared their experiences on different pumps (their success and frustrations!)

The 2 websites (in Malaysia) I found which offer the BEST prices for pumps and other baby accessories you may need are:


They ship to any address. And for the #2 website, you will find their retail store location (which is the one I purchased from). You get to even test the pump you want -- which makes it a more comfortable choice for me bec I usually want to see what I am buying!


Confinement for post-delivery lasts 1 month. I couldn't wait for 1 month to get out of the house... so armed with my hubby, my mother & my little baby girl ... we went out for small advetures at the mall!

The whole mall experience has totally changed. Whereas hubby and I used to choose the mall by points like: what restaurants are there, what shops to visit, what sale is going on, and which one can give us easier parking experience. Now, the consideration is if there is high traffic at the mall and if that mall has facilities like baby changing room / nappy room / breastfeeding room.

I never knew they had such facilities (I guess I was totally disinterested with these things). At present, this is my numero uno priority if we go out with little baby! So to share with you my top picks for shopping malls to visit with your little one:

1. Isetan, The Gardens MidValley - this is my favorite. Isetan in The Gardens has wonderful facilities! A number of changing tables plus breastfeeding rooms. Plus can do a little shopping right after :)

2. Isetan, KLCC - same as Gardens. Problem is more packed with customers as compared to Gardens

3. Parkson, 1 Utama - I never thought they had such a facility! In the new wing where Parkson is located, they have a dedicated room where you can have privacy with little one while feeding... and a number of changing tables.

4. Bangsar Shopping Centre - their 3rd and 4th floor have nappy changing rooms which are private. A tad bit too cold for my taste though (the aircon was blasting away and hubby got so cold!)

5. Parkson, Pavilion - they only had 1 baby room and because we went on a super-duper peak day (Dec 25), it was packed and people were lining up. We were able to have our turn. The room is nice, with a comfy seat plus running warm water!

Well, that's it for now. Time to switch off the pump and attend to the little one before I try to grab some ZZZZ's.


  1. Great post! I too had my baby overseas in Central America.

    I read one of your previous posts (can't remember which one) and you were talking about the best insurance company for expats. Can you save me the research and let me know which one you use? Seems like it has the best coverage and won't leave you hanging (like some insurance companies do in their fine print:)

    Congrats again! It gets a lot easier as baby gets older and demands less of your time. I have a baby boy not yet two. I too had a c-section (not by choice but bec. i was too tiny + had a low placenta)... but I highly recommend it. The best experience ever! I'd take that over having all the drama and pain of natural birth. It was easy and effortless!

    Well, hope all the best for you and your new family! I hope to visit Malaysia and Thailand soon. I've been to Asia but not that end. Malaysia looks wonderful... seems like there's lots to do.


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