Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year New Life

2010 brings a whole new experience for me. So many insights, discoveries, and things to look forward to! As I lead my new life as a mother, things have changed. You can see I haven't blogged for a while, simply because there is NO TIME :) Having a little one depending on you changes the whole perspective of time and priorities.

While I am awake in the middle of the night or hanging out at my "pumping station", I think of the entries I could write in my blog... but there is just no time! So now that I was able to sneak a few moments of online bliss, let me quickly enumerate my thoughts, experiences, insights and whatever went on my mind for the past few weeks...

  • A whole new perspective on time (especially 1am, 3am, 5am...)
  • Going to the gym used to be a drag. Now it's a luxury!
  • Checking my Facebook & hotmail account is another luxury!
  • Being able to write a whole blog... only possible if little one is asleep & I am not dead tired!
  • My mobile phone is now put aside & I don't get to answer SMS nor phone calls immediately
  • During the MANGO and ZARA sale, I was a bit apprehensive about buying anything bec I feel I still need to lose weight! Eventually I accepted that I might be a size or two bigger and went in anyway! Was able to buy stretch jeans at my original size! Yehey!
  • I am so thankful to have Malaysian friends. They are such nice people!
  • I am stronger than I think... and I need to be especially as little one is depending on me.
  • It was not easy to follow the Chinese confinement. I will go crazy if they really lock me up at home for a month! We sneaked out on the 18th day & brought little baby out ... he he
  • There are so, so many wonderful baby equipments out there! Getting dizzy deciding on which baby carrier sling to purchase.
  • It's always best to ask advice from other mothers :) They have such great insights & tips!
  • Whoever said "Don't cry over spilled milk" is not talking about breastmilk for sure!
  • I discovered a wonderful new way to slim down & enjoy a massage as well. Local friends introduced me to the MALAY WRAP and after 2 sessions I do see a difference! Thankfully I am living here in Malaysia!
  • It's easier to talk to my condo neighbors in the lift... they see the baby & strike up a conversation
  • Going to the shopping mall or restaurant needs time, planning & logistics.
  • I can't bring myself to go watch a movie yet. Time away from baby still too hard.
  • Discoveries of singing talent : myself, hubby and my mother... we transformed into singers as we try to entertain little baby.
  • My choice of shopping malls now depend on whether they have good baby changing facilities or breastfeeding rooms
  • The breast pump is one of my most used electric equipment for the past weeks.
  • Never thought we would end up installing CCTV cameras. Thank God for wifi CCTV. Technology is great!
  • I have never taken so much video in my whole life! Now I take video moments of baby -- using my phone, videocam, & digital camera.
  • My mom is super active in using Facebook & email -- so that she can see my little girl across the miles. I even managed to teach her how to download pics from the digital camera and how to upload to Facebook! She's more than 55 yrs old & still learning :)
  • It's tricky to take passport pictures of a 1-month old! We had to do it bec we had to apply passport for our little one
  • When asked to categorize our baby at the Malaysia government office for birth certificates, my hubby had to choose between "Chinese" or "Caucasian". Hmm, that was a tough one as she is 50-50. He chose "caucasian"!
  • I seem to see prams, baby pushcart everywhere when at the mall. Either there is a baby boom or I was simply not interested in the past
  • Now I know & use the lift/ elevator of shopping malls more often.
  • I appreciate my mother even more. And all the mothers of the world!
Time's up. It's time to catch some ZZZZs before little one wakes up. Posted a photo of her during her 2 month anniversary! Time flies!


  1. I like this blog entry, so true :)

    Emil felt asleep, so I put him in the pram and went to the gym downstairs. Walking on the threadmill for 20 min when a sudden scream interupted my training session. Cheers, Tram

  2. hey tram! nice to see you have time to go online. nowadays sneaking "online" time is so difficult... mostly bec i would rather spend that extra minute to look at my baby sleep than check my mails. motherhood not easy but fulfilling. I am sure you feel the same happiness every time you look at Emil! Enjoy your malay wrap :)


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