Sunday, February 28, 2010

breakfast @ el meson Bangsar

Despite the lack of sleep, hubby and I had to get up early last Saturday to bring my car for servicing at Suzuki in Bangsar. They dropped us off at Bangsar Village while they did they servicing, which is very nice and convenient!
We walked over to El Meson which is just right in front of Bangsar Village 2. The Breakfast Like a King was rm 25 and I tried that. Hubby took the orange juice and black coffee that came with the set while I took a latte. Food was good especially for pork lovers. Hubby ordered something else like a chorizo thingy with egg & potatoes. They also had 2 types of newspaper so we enjoyed some reading time. For 2 person we spent rm 59 for breakfast. Considering our last breakfast experience at La Bodega which costed rm 99, I would say the pricing of El Meson is more reasonable plus the fact it's non halal.
Hubby and I walked back to Suzuki to pick up my car. A great way to burn those calories from the tasty breakfast!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunny Day Before CNY

I'm out here at the poolside enjoying the rays of the sun and planning to get some exercise to get back in shape. Sitting out here with a book, my phone (blogging) & relaxing is such a luxury! I'm trying to enjoy the last days of my maternity leave and fully profiting from having such a good nanny.

Last night wasn't easy though as little one had a crying spell. We tried to put her to sleep at 10pm. We succeeded at 1am. Now I really understand what other parents meant when they told me "it's not easy!".

Baby, mommy and maid spent a whole 7 hours shopping at 1 Utama yesterday! We saw many Chinese shoppers going about hunting for nice CNY (Chinese new year) clothes as the year of the Tiger comes.

We had a fun time doing photo shoots at The Picture Company at 1 Utama. It's a specialized shop for professional photography for babies and kids. It was franchised from the Philippines and I think Malaysians will love it! Will write more about it on my next entries.

Meanwhile let me get some tan before I go back to my sun-less office. Til next time!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fun Time at Bangsar Village with Baby

Decided to be different today so we packed up in the morning and got ready for an adventure at the mall. Yaya (the maid, that's the familiar name we call nanny in Tagalog) together with Baby came with me to Bangsar Village. We had a nice lunch at Fit for Two. Surrounded by other babies, children and mothers, we felt right at home! The food was good. We also used the breastfeeding room and was able to change nappies! They give out free diapers, what more can a mom ask for, he he!
The small shopping mall Bangsar Village is so nice for an afternoon adventure with Baby! Mommy was able to buy some clothes at Zara (since pre-pregnancy clothes do not fit yet!). Not only that ... Mommy was able to get a pedicure too! Talk about fun day! Baby was super well-behaved even inside the nail salon. The french pedicure at that cozy chic salon cost Rm65. The service was good and they served nice tea. I was even able to drop by The Village Grocer to pick up some items. Spending the afternoon there was great. We stayed from 1130am til about 330pm and parking cost was rm 6. Parking was easy because that mall is not full of people. We parked at basement 2 which had easy access because of the lift. A baby-friendly mall in my opinion!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Black & White paintings

Hubby finally had the chance to put up my Black and White series paintings which I completed when I was 3 months pregnant. Some Chinese friends advised us against putting up paintings, hacking or renovations of any kind during pregnancy (some kind of bad luck). So we had to wait for post pregnancy before we could finally hang (drill on the wall).
Now that baby is around I am not sure when is the next opportunity I can pick up my paint brushes again! It's going to be tricky but I'm sure we'll find a way (probably when she's 1 year old, ha ha!)
Painting is such a great way to relax and express myself. I always have this elated feeling when painting. And last year was such a superb year as hubby sold some of my paintings to expat and local friends. It was pure bliss to see friends hang up my painting at their place. Indeed, it's one of those dreams I've had which became reality :)

best banoffee pie

I have always been a fan of banoffee cakes / pies. The combination of bananas with caramel is appealing to me and I indulge every now and then. Today I was able to go and swim 10 laps at the pool so I rewarded myself with a treat. So far in our 3 years stay in Malaysia, the best banoffee pie I have tasted is from Bijou at Mont Kiara. I used to think the one at Delicious is pretty good. But when I tried the one from Bijou, not too sweet yet sweet enough, I was constantly looking forward to my next visit there to take that pie. In fact it's more of a banoffee cake than a pie. I wasn't able to take a photo of it today because I was too eager to finish it!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Good Service in Kuala Lumpur

One of the things I appreciate here at this side of the world is the service you can get. You need something fixed or repaired, you can call someone to come and help you with it. Hubby's family and friends have shared their stories of how they had to lay their own flooring, put up their own sliding cabinets, etc etc etc. With service and cost of living very high in France, one cannot just easily afford hired help!
I wanted to share a list of effective Malaysians who have helped us during our stay in our condo in KL. I am very happy with the quality of their work and maybe by sharing their contacts you will also benefit from their services. By the way... should you call them and they wonder where you got the contact, you can say it's from "Anabelle of Mont Kiara"

  • LIGHTING (add light points, replace lights, electrician, installation wifi CCTV) MR. LEE 019-2088045
  • AIRCON cleaning / repair / maintenance: MR. LAM 019-2228331
  • SCREEN installation at home (to keep mosquitoes away!) MR. KEVIN 016-3332850
  • APPLIANCES for sure great price & can deliver to your house (you pay cheque once they deliver the goods) ESH 03-78753692
  • MALAY WRAP URUT service (for post pregnancy slimming, very effective so far!) MS. SITI 019-3309622
  • CAR INSURANCE / CAR REGISTRATION (no need to go & register your car, they do the car insurance & car registration for you, courier or deliver to your home/office) WESTSTAR AUTO 03-20315151
  • DRIVER LICENSE for expats - this guy can do the driver license for you and no need for you to go anywhere. he will pick up your documents & deliver back same day your driver license for MALAYSIA MR. RAJA 012-2099552
Hope this helps!
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