Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fun Time at Bangsar Village with Baby

Decided to be different today so we packed up in the morning and got ready for an adventure at the mall. Yaya (the maid, that's the familiar name we call nanny in Tagalog) together with Baby came with me to Bangsar Village. We had a nice lunch at Fit for Two. Surrounded by other babies, children and mothers, we felt right at home! The food was good. We also used the breastfeeding room and was able to change nappies! They give out free diapers, what more can a mom ask for, he he!
The small shopping mall Bangsar Village is so nice for an afternoon adventure with Baby! Mommy was able to buy some clothes at Zara (since pre-pregnancy clothes do not fit yet!). Not only that ... Mommy was able to get a pedicure too! Talk about fun day! Baby was super well-behaved even inside the nail salon. The french pedicure at that cozy chic salon cost Rm65. The service was good and they served nice tea. I was even able to drop by The Village Grocer to pick up some items. Spending the afternoon there was great. We stayed from 1130am til about 330pm and parking cost was rm 6. Parking was easy because that mall is not full of people. We parked at basement 2 which had easy access because of the lift. A baby-friendly mall in my opinion!

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