Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Good Service in Kuala Lumpur

One of the things I appreciate here at this side of the world is the service you can get. You need something fixed or repaired, you can call someone to come and help you with it. Hubby's family and friends have shared their stories of how they had to lay their own flooring, put up their own sliding cabinets, etc etc etc. With service and cost of living very high in France, one cannot just easily afford hired help!
I wanted to share a list of effective Malaysians who have helped us during our stay in our condo in KL. I am very happy with the quality of their work and maybe by sharing their contacts you will also benefit from their services. By the way... should you call them and they wonder where you got the contact, you can say it's from "Anabelle of Mont Kiara"

  • LIGHTING (add light points, replace lights, electrician, installation wifi CCTV) MR. LEE 019-2088045
  • AIRCON cleaning / repair / maintenance: MR. LAM 019-2228331
  • SCREEN installation at home (to keep mosquitoes away!) MR. KEVIN 016-3332850
  • APPLIANCES for sure great price & can deliver to your house (you pay cheque once they deliver the goods) ESH 03-78753692
  • MALAY WRAP URUT service (for post pregnancy slimming, very effective so far!) MS. SITI 019-3309622
  • CAR INSURANCE / CAR REGISTRATION (no need to go & register your car, they do the car insurance & car registration for you, courier or deliver to your home/office) WESTSTAR AUTO 03-20315151
  • DRIVER LICENSE for expats - this guy can do the driver license for you and no need for you to go anywhere. he will pick up your documents & deliver back same day your driver license for MALAYSIA MR. RAJA 012-2099552
Hope this helps!
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