Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Black & White paintings

Hubby finally had the chance to put up my Black and White series paintings which I completed when I was 3 months pregnant. Some Chinese friends advised us against putting up paintings, hacking or renovations of any kind during pregnancy (some kind of bad luck). So we had to wait for post pregnancy before we could finally hang (drill on the wall).
Now that baby is around I am not sure when is the next opportunity I can pick up my paint brushes again! It's going to be tricky but I'm sure we'll find a way (probably when she's 1 year old, ha ha!)
Painting is such a great way to relax and express myself. I always have this elated feeling when painting. And last year was such a superb year as hubby sold some of my paintings to expat and local friends. It was pure bliss to see friends hang up my painting at their place. Indeed, it's one of those dreams I've had which became reality :)


  1. wow! great paintings!
    and u did this while u were pregnant?
    already a superwoman:)

  2. yes i was already pregnant when i made the paintings... thanks for dropping by!


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