Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunny Day Before CNY

I'm out here at the poolside enjoying the rays of the sun and planning to get some exercise to get back in shape. Sitting out here with a book, my phone (blogging) & relaxing is such a luxury! I'm trying to enjoy the last days of my maternity leave and fully profiting from having such a good nanny.

Last night wasn't easy though as little one had a crying spell. We tried to put her to sleep at 10pm. We succeeded at 1am. Now I really understand what other parents meant when they told me "it's not easy!".

Baby, mommy and maid spent a whole 7 hours shopping at 1 Utama yesterday! We saw many Chinese shoppers going about hunting for nice CNY (Chinese new year) clothes as the year of the Tiger comes.

We had a fun time doing photo shoots at The Picture Company at 1 Utama. It's a specialized shop for professional photography for babies and kids. It was franchised from the Philippines and I think Malaysians will love it! Will write more about it on my next entries.

Meanwhile let me get some tan before I go back to my sun-less office. Til next time!

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