Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Picture Company in Kuala Lumpur

Last Feb 2010 my baby turned 3 months old and of course being the mommy that I am -- I wanted to capture that moment forever. New moms are probably like me -- going through a stage where you just want to take photos and videos of every moment, change and development of your little one!

While strolling at 1 Utama shopping mall, I discovered that they launched a new store called The Picture Company at the new wing, very near Baby Gap store and Parkson. I was delighted and quickly went in to check out the shop!

What is the Picture Company? Well, since I was originally from Manila, I immediately knew what it was. It's a company started by a Filipino who specializes on photography for babies and children. There may be many photographers around nowadays, especially with the affordable prices of digital SLRs... but believe me, without the proper lighting in a studio, the pictures just don't come out the same. Also, one of  the reasons you may want to check out this place is because they are baby-friendly. They have tons of "props" -- like costumes, hats, toys, etc which can enhance the "captured moment" you are trying to achieve.

Maybe there are many parents like me out there: we have 2 digital cameras and 1 Canon SLR. I love taking photos and I believe I have mastered the art of taking great photos. I have tried gazillions of photo shoot with baby at home, in every part of the apartment. The challenges I faced were: not enough lighting at certain parts of the apartment, no nice backdrop, and of course trying to keep baby steady to get a nice shot. To top it off, it is impossible at this point to try to have a beautiful family photo even with the timer options in digital cameras. I have tried all sort of ways to take a family picture: using the Canon Ixus with timer, using my Canon SLR with timer, asking my mom to take several shots hopefully to get lucky with 1 nice shot, and even training my maid on how to use my digital camera to take some shots when we are out and about hoping to capture 1 nice family photo. We did get some nice shots, but never one which is good enough that  can capture the oozing happiness we have with our new little baby. We needed a perfect photo -- something that will transcend through time. Something I can treasure when I look back at the early years of baby.

And so, I reviewed the rates of the Picture Company, decided to try some test shots that day. On the 1st day I visited we didn't print any of the photos. We simply had a photo shoot and I decided to come back again a few days after -- this time with dad in tow. So in the end, we had dad-baby-mommy photo and we were happy with the results. Here I attached a photo of my little baby when she was 3 months old. Believe me, it takes extra work to be able to get a little baby to look at the camera, smile and pose at the same time.

For some people they may find the rates exorbitant. For some they will think like me -- capturing such moments are priceless. It may be pricey but all you need is a few really, really good photos to keep over the years. Of course, it also makes a nice gift to grandparents who are all so excited about your little one.

Overall I think it's an activity worth checking out for parents... it makes a nice activity for the family on a weekend. And especially on important occassions! We went back for a photo shoot last month when my mother and sister were in KL visiting us. So we had a nice group photo will little one. Now the picture is framed out and proudly sitting in grandma's apartment back in Manila. Indeed, a nice gift which is priceless!

They are currently at 1 Utama but I think they will open another branch soon in Gardens Mall.

For those who may find this interesting, check out:

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