Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good French food at a casual ambience at Nathalie's Gourmet Studio

Have you ever wondered where you can get fine dining quality French cuisine at a casual ambience and okay price? Well now you can have that at Nathalie's Gourmet Studio which newly opened at Solaris Dutamas. This is great for Mont Kiara residents. So nearby and accessible.
We had a hearty lunch yesterday at that restaurant, which is ran by Nathalie herself. I first met her when I attended one of her cooking classes at her residence. She also launched her own cookbook which is popular with the expats.
Our lunch was tasty and different from our usual weekend choice, so it was a nice change.

Menu choice is limited at the moment, maybe because they are just about to have their grand opening that evening. Also take note everything is freshly made, and you have a view of the kitchen to watch how everything is prepared.

The starters that we had were superb! Hubby had the fennel soup while I had the appetizer tomato tart with tapenade at the bottom and top with parmesan cheese... Mine was superb!
They also gave some french small baguettes... Which were super super yummy. I think all French expats who miss their authentic french baguettes will surely agree with me. It transported me back to my baguette experiences from France!

Mains were okay -- I had the lamb dish while hubby's was yummier (codfish). Dessert was of course the highlight for us... I had the sample platter dessert which came with a sall glass of chocolate mousse (heavenly), a piece of macaroon (i chose the strawberry flavor, yumm!) and a small biscuit tart topped with raspberry. The dessert platter came with choice of coffee or tea.

Be ready to fork out at least rm100 per persn to experience the 3 course meal at this uber french-chic-yet-casual place. A unique concept in Malaysia-- it brings back memories of wonderful family-owned small restaurants that I visited in France.
They are currently only open for lunch. Closed on Sundays.
Be sure to make a reservation.
Call them at 03-62079572
They are located at Solaris Dutamas, the new commercial center which is built right in front of Duta Tropika.

Bon appetite!

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As of October 2010 : latest update

I was a disappointed with their service when I went back the 2nd time around... and after that snobbish French waiter did his thing, well, I don't think I will ever go back. I did inform him that he should be more friendly to customers and understand the needs and requests... hopefully he got the idea. He is living in ASIA, and he needs to treat Asian customers like CUSTOMERS. I didn't want to bring it up with thier management as they were not around at that time... I took some cooking classes with Nathalie a while back before she opened this place and she is a very nice person. Hopefully she gets to read this and improve the service at that place. It is NOT CHEAP to eat there -- so in my view, customers should be treated well especially with the tons of different restaurants available in KL.
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